U.S. History, 1877-Present

U.S. History, 1877-Present

Final Study Guide

U.S. History, 1877-Present

HST 108-Zoom Exam

Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

Dr. Shafer


Part I: Be prepared to write TWO short essays of interpretation on two questions below.

Remember that critical analysis, interpretation and noting historical significance is where you will earn your key points.


  2. Remember that critical analysis, interpretation and noting historical significance is where you will earn your key points.
  3. ONLY the Online Textbook, Sutori Presentations, the Instructor’s Power Point Presentations, and the videos and articles on Canvas can be used to answer questions in the midterm. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH EXAM.
  4. Quoting from a legitimate source MUST be cited within your exam answer (MLA style).
  5. Write ALL your answers in advance, and then “copy and paste” your essay in the Midterm Exam link in Canvas. Hit Submit Once Finished.
  6. The entire exam will be worth 75 points.


  1. Choose One of These Two Questions to Answer:


  1. In your opinion, what were the Four (4) most important pieces of legislation passed during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal (The Great Depression). Have we become too dependent on federal aid in solving crises and emergencies (Explain Yes or No)?


  1. Describe the examples of civil disobedience and peaceful confrontation the Civil Rights Campaign used to end Jim Crow and bring about integration and equality in America. What role did television play in aiding the Civil Rights campaign?



  1. Choose One of These Two Questions to Answer:


  1. Explain how America’s use of the atomic bomb in Japan caused further tension and mistrust with the Soviet Union. Explain how the atomic bomb was used as deterrence and fear during the Cold War.


  1. Explain how a narrow interpretation of both the Truman Doctrine and the Policy of Containment led the United States towards a drastic mistake to directly intervene in Vietnam in 1964. What lessons did we learn from our decision to intervene in Vietnam?



Exam Part II (worth 25 points). Use the following letters/numbers listed below to complete the “fill in the blank” questions:


A.—Bonus Army March

B.—Smoot-Hawley Tariff

C.—Social Security Act

D.–The Neutrality Acts

E– Lend-Lease

F.—Island Hopping

G.–Strategic Bombing

H.— Operation Overlord

I.— “The Final Solution”

J.– Manhattan Project

K.— Policy of Containment

L.— The Berlin Airlift

M.– “Domino Theory”


N.– Cuban Missile Crisis

O.— Watergate Scandal

P.—Jackie Robinson

Q.– Brown v. Topeka Board of Education (1954)

R— The March on Washington (1963)

S.– The Civil Rights Act (1964)

T.— Voting Rights Act of 1965

U—The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

V.– Apollo 11

W.—War Powers’ Act

X.— Al Qaeda

Y.– Department of Homeland Security



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