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Terms and Conditions

The following is prohibited on the Platform:
  1. Blasphemy, misdemeanor, malware distribution, discrimination of any kind, insulting religious beliefs, publication of content that violate others’ rights (including plagiarism), and any other conduct that violate US/ Canada/ United Kingdom laws;
  2. Exchange of contact information (including email, skype id, telephone numbers, etc.). If Mytoptutor administration detects any attempts to share contact information or acceptance of someone else’s contact information, the accounts involved will be banned.
  3. During the registration process, the Writer or Client must give true, accurate, and complete information and keep this information current. If a user provides false information during Platform registration and/or Mytoptutor has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided by a Writer or a Client is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, Mytoptutor reserves the right to cancel the Writer’s or Client’s registration on the Platform by blocking and/or deleting the account. To log in to an account, Writer or Client must enter the email address and the password selected or generated during registration on the Platform.
  4. Writers and Clients agree to protect confidentiality of information used to access their accounts. Writers and Clients also agree to immediately notify Mytoptutor of unauthorized (carried out by a third party without consent) access to accounts, using their email addresses and passwords, and/or of any other breach of (suspected of violating) confidentiality of their email addresses and passwords.
  5. Mytoptutor may block or delete Writer’s or Client’s account at its discretion and without giving a reason.
  6. Users agree and acknowledge that the Platform is not a party to any agreements, arrangements and contractual relationships that may arise between users of the Platform. A user does not enter into an employment relationship with the Platform and is not an employee of Mytoptutor.
  7. Project’s exclusive rights are transferred from Writer to Client when the status of Project changes to “Completed”. If the status of the Project changes to “Completed” as a result of a full refund in favor of the Client, no transfer of Exclusive rights occurs.
  8. Suppose a writer repeatedly breaks any rules, disregards Project instructions, misses deadlines, refuses to make necessary corrections within the allotted time, submits plagiarized or poorly written papers, or acts inappropriately, unprofessionally, or aggressively toward Client and/or Mytoptutor administration. In that case, Mytoptutor administration has the right to suspend or terminate Writer’s account.


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