[SOLVED] Thesis Proposal & Research Question

[SOLVED] Thesis Proposal & Research Question

Assignment #1 – Overview of Thesis Proposal & Research Question
This section describes the research project you plan to do. It represents the project’s context, reflecting briefly on the significant issues within its information domain and elucidating why these issues merit attention. It then presents the research statement briefly, which may be a theory, a research question, a project statement, or a target statement. The research statement should capture both the project’s meaning and its delimiting limits and be accompanied by an explanation of the degree to which you expect the project’s outcomes to reflect an advance in the information domain you’ve defined.
The introduction should strive to pique the reader’s attention from the start and should be written so that any reader with a general science background would easily understand. It should include all pertinent references to the significant issues discussed and conclude with a summary.
Research Question: This section must conclude with one to two questions. Make sure these questions are not Yes/No questions, but rather, are open-ended, such as “In what ways….?”, “To what degree…?” and so forth.
Statement of the Problem
The problem statement establishes the framework for the research project’s examination of the issues. This segment explains why the issue warrants investigation. Typically, the problem section begins with an explanation of why the student is exploring this research subject. Is the situation in the health services administration industry severe enough to warrant further investigation? Following that, contextualize the issue and research question by developing a narrative about the demographics (introducing the target population) and location of the problem (setting/geographical location) or circumstance that prompted the applied research. It is critical to establish conclusively that an issue exists. Additionally, this portion should be supported by evidence-based references/citations. Cite relevant literature to support the topic of interest and the variables of the study.
Significance of the Study
This section narrates why the proposed research study is relevant or meaningful and why the study might be necessary. The use of literature is highly recommended to describe the gaps in the published literature, insufficient knowledge in the subject area, or the need to validate the findings of previous studies. Explain what the benefit or contribution to new knowledge is.
Example: “This research is important to understand barriers to access health care services for South Florida residents with cardiovascular diseases. This study is relevant to understand better what the specific barriers are so that intervention tailored to this population are implemented.”
Qualitative studies are exploratory in nature. An example of qualitative research is Interviews of clinical practitioners about the types of policies on a specific health program or available therapies to treat a disease. This type of research is recommended when a researcher wants to understand the population or area of interest from a behavioral or analytical perspective. Interpretations of the answers are required.
In qualitative studies, there is a guide to topics/themes. Through this design, there is some flexibility to explore the participant’s responses through a structured interview process.
If a student decides to use a qualitative study as the design of their research, he/she shows the study findings’ using the research participants’ direct narrative quotes that should support the study conclusions.
Qualitative research question example: “What are the relevant barriers for access to healthcare are for South Florida residents with cardiovascular diseases.”
Quantitative Research
Quantitative studies use a structured variable-specific survey questionnaire or secondary data collection. When using this type of research design, the student uses a representative sample of the population of interest. The student should be cautious about the type of questions when using questionnaires and should consult with the course instructor if they are planning to use surveys to collect data. The survey question (s) should follow the research question objectives.

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