[SOLVED] the preface to Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte

[SOLVED] the preface to Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte

Option 1
Character Analysis of Heathcliff: In the preface to Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte
asserts that Heathcliff cannot be redeemed, and that he is like a demon from hell. Questions to
consider: Do you agree with Charlotte Bronte? Why or why not? What do you suppose was
Emily’s Bronte’s intention with the creation of this character? Are we supposed to empathize
with him, fantasize about him, or abhor him? Does he have good reasons for his actions? Is he
symbolic? Is he a hero? A monster? What is his significance? Use text evidence to support your
OR you may choose Catherine (the older) for your character analysis. Questions to consider:
What do you suppose was Emily’s Bronte’s intention with the creation of this character? Are we
supposed to empathize with her? Is she symbolic? How does she relate to the theme of
haunting besides just being a ghost? How is she a reflection of social expectations of women at
the time, or a departure from those expectations? What are her motivations and fears? Does
she grow or change throughout the story? Is she symbolic? Is she a heroine? What is her
significance? Use text evidence to support your analysis.
Option 2
Analyze a theme: Select one of the themes from the theme tracking packet and analyze what
you think Emily Bronte has to say on that topic in Wuthering Heights. How is the theme
expressed in the novel? What recurring images or patterns do you recognize? Consider how a
Victorian audience would have related to that topic, then ask, is Bronte’s perspective on that
topic conventional for her time or more subversive? What types of questions does the novel
raise on the theme? What answers does Emily Bronte provide? Use text evidence to support
your analysis.
Originality/Depth of insight: 30 points
Text evidence that effectively supports your analysis (cited correctly): 30 points
Logical, interesting analysis with a clear thesis statement: 40 points
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ENGL 2323
10 May 2022
Titles: Either Wuthering Heights Character Analysis or Wuthering Heights Thematic Analysis
Start your essay with a hook, something that grabs the reader’s attention. Some examples
of hooks include starting with a bold statement, a particularly arresting quote, or dropping the
reader into a vivid image by employing figurative or sensory language. You will then want a
connecting sentence or two to build up to your thesis statement. Your thesis statement goes at the
end of the introduction and should clearly communicate the heart of your analysis (don’t be
afraid to take a stand! Be bold and direct.)
You will start your body paragraph with a topic sentence. The purpose of literary analysis
is to carefully examine a work of literature or an aspect of a work of literature, almost as a
surgeon examines specific parts of a body with precision in order to understand the whole. As
with any analysis, this requires you to break the subject down into its component parts. Lay the
foundation of your analysis by looking at specific pieces of the text and extracting their meaning.
Make sure you support your statements with text evidence (that means you must quote the book
accurately.) I will now give you an example of how to quote the book accurately— During
Catherine’s descent into delusion, she exhibits behavior that suggests she experiences what
modern scientists now call “the Caputo Effect,” in which a person’s brain perceives demonic
images in mirrors under low lighting: “‘Don’t you see that face?’ she inquired, gazing earnestly
at the mirror” (chapter 12). Notice how the period is placed after the parentheses. Because the
online text I gave you does not have page numbers, you only need to put the chapter number in
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the parentheses (normally it would be the page number.) Also, when I quoted that line from the
book, I had to use two types of quotation marks because the line included dialogue from the text.
Make sure you include effective transitions before you start your next body paragraph.
Your conclusion should reiterate your thesis (use different words than your original thesis
statement!! Do not simply repeat the statement.) Because you broke the text down into
components with your body paragraphs, you now need to glue everything back together and
synthesize the claims you made. Finally, leave the reader with a strong impression 🙂

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