[SOLVED] The nature side of the nature-nurture issue

[SOLVED] The nature side of the nature-nurture issue

Question 13 pts
Which of the following theorists is more oriented toward the nature side of the nature-nurture issue?
Group of answer choices

Lev Vygotsky

John Watson

Arnold Gesell

B.F. Skinner

Flag question: Question 2
Question 23 pts
According to mechanistic-behaviorist theorists, what is the main source of the determinants of behavior?
Group of answer choices



a person’s choices

the environment

Flag question: Question 3
Question 33 pts
A developmental scientist will likely use
Group of answer choices

deductive reasoning

inductive reasoning

both a. and b.

neither a. nor b.

Flag question: Question 4
Question 43 pts
Developmental theory and research in the 1970s, including the research and theories of Michael Lewis and Michael Lamb,
Group of answer choices

provided evidence for reciprocal, bidirectional influences on development.

provided evidence to refute the RDS-based theories that were developing.

provided support for Skinner’s idea that behavioral changes can be understood in terms of environmentally based stimulus–response relations.

focused on mother-infant dyads, the influence of heredity, and the developmental impact of early experiences.

Flag question: Question 5
Question 53 pts
G. Stanley Hall viewed adolescence as
Group of answer choices

a universal time of storm and stress.

relevant only in certain cultures.

an insignificant phase of development.

a period of storm and stress only in people who had experienced early trauma.

Flag question: Question 6
Question 63 pts
IQ tests measure
Group of answer choices

genotypic intelligence.

phenotypic intelligence.

environmental intelligence.

native intelligence.

Flag question: Question 7
Question 73 pts
In the context of the study of human development, “a statement asserting some invariant characteristics about a phenomenon or process” is a definition of
Group of answer choices

an RDS theory.

a law.

a static theory of development.

an empirical concept.

Flag question: Question 8
Question 83 pts
A theory about how one formulates theories is
Group of answer choices

superordinate theory.

relational developmental systems theory.


contemporary developmental theory.

Flag question: Question 9
Question 93 pts
Which of the following best describes the relationship between development and change?
Group of answer choices

They are virtually the same thing.

Development can occur without change, but change cannot occur without development.

Change can occur without development, but development cannot occur without change.

Development occurs when the results of a change improve a person in some way.

Flag question: Question 10
Question 103 pts
Over time, the study of developmental psychology has become
Group of answer choices

more reductionistic.

more focused on lifespan development.

less focused on the notion of plasticity.

more commensurate with a Cartesian worldview.

Flag question: Question 11
Question 113 pts
Relational developmental systems (RDS) metatheories argue that humans
Group of answer choices

are mostly passive in the process of development and that development occurs as a result of a person’s innate characteristics interacting with the environment.

are self-constructive of their own development, independent of the environment.

and the world around them are active and mutually influential.

all of the above

Flag question: Question 12
Question 123 pts
The ability to show varying responses to the same stimulus input is a definition of
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 13
Question 133 pts
“Successive changes in the organization of an organism that was viewed as a functional and adaptive system throughout its life” is a definition of
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 14
Question 143 pts
A genetic reductionist view of social functioning is known as

Group of answer choices



probabilistic epigenesis.


Flag question: Question 15
Question 153 pts
Theories that have attempted to depict universal features of development, features applicable to all humans, are known as
Group of answer choices

universal theories.

stage theories.

ipsative theories.

human development theories.

Flag question: Question 16
Question 163 pts
The emergence of qualitatively discontinuous characteristics across ontogeny is known as
Group of answer choices

evolutionary biology.




Flag question: Question 17
Question 173 pts
Which theorist referred to himself as the “Darwin of the mind”?
Group of answer choices

Ernst Haeckel

G. Stanley Hall

John Locke

Sigmund Freud

Flag question: Question 18
Question 183 pts
____________beliefs are often beliefs that are tacit or go unquestioned and are thus not open to empirical test.
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 19
Question 193 pts
The separation between nature and nurture in developmental theories can be traced to
Group of answer choices

Sigmund Freud.

René Descartes.

G. Stanley Hall.

John Locke.

Flag question: Question 20
Question 203 pts
Lerner, the textbook author, argues that
Group of answer choices

all ideas about development relate to the nature-nurture issue.

the nature-nurture controversy is a relatively new idea in developmental science.

developmental science has become too focused on research and has lost its philosophical roots.

most human characteristics can be attributed either to nature or to nurture.

Flag question: Question 21
Question 213 pts
Some proponents of organismic, nativist views of language development, such as Chomsky and McNeil, purport that
Group of answer choices

linguistic structures are completely present at birth.

some linguistic structures are present at birth, whereas others develop through environmental interactions.

linguistic structures develop over time and differ among cultures.

there are no linguistic structures.

Flag question: Question 22
Question 223 pts
The mechanistic model views
Group of answer choices

the organism as active and the world as passive.

the organism as passive and the world as active.

both the organism and the world as active.

both the organism and the world as passive.

Flag question: Question 23
Question 233 pts
What are some problems with a question such as “How much does ‘genes versus environment’ explain individual differences in a particular behavior or developmental process?”
Group of answer choices

Such splitting can lead to the misconception that genes are destiny.

The statement could oversimplify the rules of how biology and environment operate in human development.

Such splitting can lead to the idea that genetic programming is unresponsive to the environment.

All of the above

Flag question: Question 24
Question 243 pts
Which of the following best describes the relationship between nature/genes and nurture/environment from the perspective of contemporary developmental science?

Group of answer choices

Genetic factors set the limits, and environmental factors determine where a person will fall within those limits; nature and nurture interact.

Nature and nurture dynamically coact.

Nature and nurture act independently of one another.

A particular human trait is influenced by both genetics and environment, with each contributing a certain percentage to the existence or development of the trait.

Flag question: Question 25
Question 253 pts
A developmental scientist who interprets psychological phenomena in physical and chemical terms is likely to subscribe to a_____________ viewpoint.
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 26
Question 2625 pts
Respond to one or more of the following prompts or questions, writing a total of approximately 500 words. You may answer one item in depth, provide shorter responses for all 7 items, or anywhere in between, as long as approximately 500 words are written. Citations and references are not required.
a. What are some problems with the terms “innate,” “instinct,” and “instinctual” in developmental science?
b. Discuss common theoretical models in current developmental science. Which model(s) do you think hold(s) more merit? Why?
c. What are some limitations of the interactional nature/genetics/heredity versus nurture/environment models of human development?
d. Discuss the history of theoretical models in developmental science.
e. Discuss material from the course so far in the context of a Christian perspective on human development.
f. Discuss probabilistic versus predetermined epigenesis.
g. Make up your own question, and answer it.


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