[SOLVED] The influence of mass & digital media

[SOLVED] The influence of mass & digital media

Content Quiz #5

Quiz Instructions

Covering material from Chapters 14 & 15.
Completion of this quiz will provide you the opportunity to identify the influence of mass & digital media. Aligns with Module objectives 2-4.
Question 12 pts
Who coined the phrase “the medium is the message”?
Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 2

Question 22 pts
True or False:
“The Medium is the Message” means that throughout history, what is communicated has been more important than the particular medium in which people communicate it.
Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 3

Question 32 pts
“The media cannot tell us what to think, but it can tell us what to think about.” This phrase corresponds to which concept?
Group of answer choices



reinforcement theory

uses and gratification

Flag question: Question 4

Question 42 pts
What is the name for powerful a communication figure (such as an editor, producer, etc) who decides which issues will be presented and how in a particular media?
Group of answer choices



silent minority


Flag question: Question 5

Question 52 pts
Which of the following is NOT one of the “media epochs” in human history?
Group of answer choices




Question 62 pts
When I am feeling anxious about an upcoming class, I turn on Netflix and watch an episode of Parks and Recreation. The idea that I primarily use mass media/mass communication technologies to meet my interests and desires is called…
Group of answer choices

uses and gratification theory

agenda setting theory

hypodermic needle theory

narcissistic theory

Flag question: Question 7

Question 72 pts
On TV, members of minority groups are often depicted as lazy, irresponsible, or criminal. This depiction can lead to stabilizing and homogenizing views within a society–because I see these characters on TV, I may believe that those depictions correspond to reality. What is this process called?
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 8

Question 82 pts
The emphasis on violence in news media coverage as well as the proliferation of police procedural shows and true crime podcasts has a consequence: fostering public belief that the world is more dangerous than it actually is. This is an example of…
Group of answer choices

native advertising




Flag question: Question 9

Question 92 pts
In Gilmore Girls, an important plot point in one episode is Logan buying Rory a “Birkin Bag”–a real product by the brand Hermes. Incorporating a product or brand into the storyline of a TV show is called…
Group of answer choices

immersive advertising


native advertising


Flag question: Question 10

Question 102 pts
At what age are children able to make clear distinctions between “ads” and “programs”?
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 11

Question 112 pts
The ability to interpret, analyze, understand, and respond thoughtfully to media messaging is called…
Group of answer choices

uses and gratification


media literacy

next-level viewership

Flag question: Question 12

Question 122 pts
Developing media literacy requires that you expose yourself to a wide range of media messages.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 13

Question 132 pts
Developing media literacy requires you to assume a less active and more passive role when interacting with media.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 14

Question 142 pts
Which of the follow terms best describes the sense of a worldwide community enabled by advancements made due to communication technologies?
Group of answer choices


Mr. Worldwide


global village

Flag question: Question 15

Question 152 pts
Which of the following is an example of uses and gratification theory?
Group of answer choices

Frank watches the news at the gym because it’s the only channel that is on

Frank frequently changes radio stations because there is no station playing the music he likes

Frank listens to the advertisements on the radio

Frank listens to the same podcast each morning because it provides information that he’s interested in

Flag question: Question 16

Question 162 pts
Digital Divide describes which of the following?
Group of answer choices

the distance between one’s home and their nearest computer

a difference in how people use social media

the amount of time it takes for an electronic message to be sent

a gap between those with access to digital technologies and those without

Flag question: Question 17

Question 172 pts
The telephone is an example of a communication technology.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 18

Question 182 pts
Electronic forms of communication are known as…
Group of answer choices

electronic media

digital media

mass media

communication technologies

Flag question: Question 19

Question 192 pts
Which of the following is not an example of digital media?
Group of answer choices

video games

text messaging


social media

Flag question: Question 20

Question 202 pts
Humans tend to overestimate their ability to multitask.
Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 21

Question 212 pts
According to your textbook, how does digital media complement human intelligence?
Group of answer choices

it allows people to do other things as technology solves problems

it allows people to work together with technology to solve problems

digital media does not complement human intelligence

digital technology reminds people of things they must do

Flag question: Question 22

Question 222 pts
Digital media allows information to be exchanged almost instantly. Which of the following is a potential downside of this?
Group of answer choices

Since the information is delivered very quickly, people may forget it has been delivered

Information may not be evaluated properly which could jeopardize accuracy

There is no downside to this

Information is not delivered fast enough in some cases which can lead to uncertainty
Question 23    2 pts
Digital media makes it more difficult to access a variety of information and opinions.
Group of answer choices


Question 242 pts
According to your textbook, which of the following are potential harms of depending on using digital media for entertainment?
(Please select all that apply)
Group of answer choices

facilitating negative communication climates

reducing mental focus

discouraging imaginative thought

inducing rage
Question 252 pts
To avoid the harms of digital media, it’s important we consciously manage our engagement.
Group of answer choices


Question 26   2 pts
Convergence is…
Group of answer choices

engaging in multiple tasks rapidly

the relationship between information and communication technologies

identifying similar digital media

the obsessive desire to use digital
Question 272 pts
Which of the following is not a feature of digital media according to your textbook?
Group of answer choices




Question 282 pts
What are the most basic ways that we form and present our identities through digital media?
Group of answer choices

social media posts



profile bios
Question 292 pts
What is a potential harm of the high degree of visual stimulation on digital media?
Group of answer choices
Question 302 pts
Which group tends to have the most limited access to media in the US?
Group of answer choices

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