[SOLVED] Debates and squabbles about the definition of terrorism endure

[SOLVED] Debates and squabbles about the definition of terrorism endure

Do any ONE of these prompts.
Q1. Debates and squabbles about the definition of terrorism endure. Based on what you have encountered so far, how important is it to pinpoint the definition of terrorism and to distinguish it from other types of violence? What are the advantages and pitfalls of continuing with the current state of definitional ambiguity that surrounds the term?
Q2. After graduation, you are hired to consult with the FBI and State Department on their ongoing domestic and international counter-terrorism efforts, thanks to that one class on terrorism you took in college! They want to know how best to use terrorism designations to stigmatize, punish and stop terrorists. For instance, they are specially interested in how they could designate white supremacist groups as terrorists.
You know, from your readings that terrorism is a powerful, yet contested, label. Using contemporary and historical cases, outline to them on the advantages and/or problems of labeling or designating groups as terrorists. What are the potential drawbacks of such a strategy? Is there any systematic way to think about labeling – what are the best practices they should keep in mind? Or should they resign themselves to the current dilemmas stemming from the unsettled definition of terrorism? Write them a memo explaining your reasoning and your recommendations for how they should proceed.
Q3. How can we simultaneously delegitimize the use of terrorism while legitimizing the struggle of oppressed people that may not have non-violent means to address their grievances? In other words, how can we reconcile the norm of self-determination with those against terrorism? Using Walzer, Mandela, and Bajpiai, discuss whether there are any common ideas that emerge from these thinkers that help us come up with a set of criteria to determine when and under what conditions violence can ever be justified.
– 5-6 pages double spaced
– Please make sure to provide a thesis – take a stance in whatever you answer, however complex it is!
– You are free to use research to back your claims but in general using the class material should be enough- the paper is meant to draw on and reflect on the material.

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