[SOLVED] SCIE 300 Fusion Project – Description and Instructions

[SOLVED] SCIE 300 Fusion Project – Description and Instructions

SCIE 300
Fusion Project – Description and Instructions
– Due date: See Canvas Calendar.
– File format: Please upload your paper as a pdf. Note: you are responsible for
checking that your file is properly uploaded. Corrupted or otherwise compromised
pdfs will be considered late, with late penalties imposed until a readable file is uploaded.
– Length: Your paper should be 1500-2500 words in length (excluding your Literature
Cited section, but including any in-text citations). Use 1.5 or double spacing of lines and
12-point font. You don’t need to include a title page, but please include your name and
an informative title at the top of the first page.
– Additional guidelines are included below
– You should also consult the rubric for this assignment.
Assignment Description
Throughout the term, we have worked with a diversity of methods (i.e. media types) of science
communication. Each of these methods can be applied to deliver a broad set of scientific topics
or discoveries, and any particular scientific topic or discovery can be communicated via a
variety of different methods. The full range of these dimensions (methods vs. topics or
discoveries) generates the full scope/ landscape of scientific communication (see figure below).
In your Fusion Paper, you will explore how science has been communicated (or miscommunicated)
in one of these dimensions while keeping the other dimension fixed. Please pick one of the
prompts below:
(1) Focus on one method (i.e. medium) employed in scientific communication, and
explore its use with multiple concrete examples. Explore the good and not-so-good uses of
this medium to deliver information to various audiences, using a set of examples. Which
examples show the method working well, and why? Which examples misuse the method and
what could have been done to fix this? Describe how your understanding of this medium and
its application has shifted over the term; use your own experiences and insights gained
through this course to describe changes in your perspective.
Examples of media types include: blogs, feature articles, podcasts, social media, video,
physical exhibits. You may focus more narrowly (e.g. a specific video format, like TED talks). In
this assignment, we are focusing on modes of communication other than peer-reviewed
literature, so please don’t use this as your single medium (you can, however, make reference
to the literature).
(2) Select a scientific topic or discovery that has been communicated, and explore the
different media used to deliver that message. Explore the effectiveness of different methods
used to communicate this topic or discovery to various audiences. Which methods of
communication were effective and why? Which methods failed and what could have been done
differently to avoid this? Describe how your understanding of science communication has
shifted over the term, and how that has impacted your perceptions of the use and success of
these methods for communicating the topic or discovery you chose; use your own experiences
and insights gained through the course.
The topic or discovery that you focus on must be no more than 20 years old. For instance,
do not discuss the creation of the atom bomb and how the science behind it was communicated
at the time of its development.
Examples of scientific topics or discoveries that have been widely communicated are
unlimited. For example, in class we explored videos and podcasts about the first
images of black holes. For this option, it is OK for you to include a peer-reviewed
study as part of your coverage, but you should expand from there to other forms of
Note that for either option, your Fusion Paper is meant to incorporate an element of personal
reflection. Deciding on a topic that you can comfortably reflect on, drawing on personal
examples from your own understanding of the subject matter, is important.
Some additional guidelines:
– Include an informative and interesting title to capture the reader’s attention and give
them an idea about your content.
– Your paper should develop a central idea or perspective – this is what is referred to in
the rubric as your ‘thesis’. Your thesis should be introduced in your first paragraph or
two. Focus on getting this main idea across in an effective manner – using a hook, and
thinking about journalistic style will be helpful.
– Even though your paper will explore multiple examples or methods of scientific
communication, we are looking for a coherent and synthesized final document.
Consider using section headings to help your reader identify your key themes.
– Your paper should come to a clear conclusion. This is often done by summarizing your
main idea, but could also pose questions, or highlight other areas for exploration.
– You must cite the sources that you use, using in-text referencing, and including a
consistently formatted Literature Cited section at the end of your paper.
– Papers that are both specific and have a personal voice tend to be the most effective.
Don’t be generic!
– Write for an audience of your peers.
– Do not rely heavily or solely on specific examples or content used in class. While you
might be inspired by a specific example that you learned about in SCIE 300, your main
content should be different from content that we have covered in class.

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