[SOLVED] Research project step two – Variable Transformation

[SOLVED] Research project step two – Variable Transformation

Research project step two – Variable Transformation
Your submission should include the following sections and address the prompts for each one.
Topic Description (Topic- race and mental health)
Have to rewrite (delete college part)
Variable Summary
Please confirm the five variables that you will use in your analysis and clearly identify which is the independent variable and which four are the dependent variables. (Independent: race / Dependent: Depress, health, happy, Metlhlth) and provide a short discription. It’s OK to use the description from SPSS if it provides enough information for me to make sense of it.
Variable Transformation
Any variables used in two-way tables/crosstabs (which you will be creating later on) must be categorical and contain only two or three categories. Including More categories makes the tables very difficult to interpret.
For each of the variables you included in your summary, I would like you to explain how you will transform them and justify why you are going to transform them in that way. This will require you to look at the structure of the responses and then decide how you will re-group them so there are only two or three responses.
Considerations: When you transform your variables, please keep the following in mind:
Your transformations must make logical sense. For example, if your variable contained the categories “strongly agree,” “agree,” “disagree,” and “strongly disagree,” it would not make sense to make two categories where you leave “strongly disagree” as its own and then group the other three together. Grouping “disagree” with the other two “agree” responses does not make logical sense.
It is OK to drop people from your analysis (make them “missing” in data analysis terms) but you need to have a good reason for doing so.
As an example, consider the age variable. It is a ratio variable and contains responses that range from 18 to 89. In order to transform it, you would need to reduce it to several age ranges. In this case, I think three ranges would be appropriate because that’s already reducing a lot of age variation into very few categories. To transform it, we might reduce it to the following ranges:
18 – 29
30 – 49
50 and older
I chose the ranges to roughly reflect three ranges: young, middle-aged, and “older.” Those aren’t well-reasoned ranges but without having a justification for doing it differently, it would work out for the analysis.
Variable Analysis
Please create frequency distributions and bar charts for each variable. I would also like you to use the frequency distribution function in SPSS to calculate measures of central tendency for each variable.
Please analyze each variable separately, explaining how values are distributed and what that tells you. You must also include each measure of central tendency and explains what it tells you about that variable.
Literature Review
Please use the library databases to find another research article that is directly relevant to your study. Your article must be based on original research that was performed by the author. Literature summaries or other non-research-based articles are not appropriate.
Please create an ASA style reference entry for the article.
After you create your entry, please write a 150 to 250 word summary of the article that:
Explains the purpose of the article.
What was the goal of their research?
Explains how they collected and analyzed their data.
Who was the data collected from; who does it represent?
How was the data collected? What methods did the researchers use?
How was it analyzed? Explain the analysis process in your own words.
Explains what the researchers learned
What were their findings?

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