[SOLVED] Religion as pseudoscience

[SOLVED] Religion as pseudoscience

Discussion post 2 (DP2): Make sure to read the article before answering (125 words)
Do YOU think that there is a kind of proposition that can be true for me and not for you? What kind is it and what would Roy say about it? Make direct references to the reading.
Would Popper think of religion as pseudoscience? Why, or why not? Make direct references to the reading.
Your reflections on the Lebron article, with direct references to the reading.

Couple sentences for each Q’s (please number your answers)
Questions for RQ4: Roy Tony Roy, “Truth as Correspondence”
What is Roy’s main point in his article? What is he trying to show? (Make sure to read the whole article before answering)
What does “true” mean according to Roy? Explain, using one of your own examples.
According to Roy, are matters of taste “true for me and not for you”? Explain how he supports his position on this.
According to Roy, why does his position not promote intolerance and bigotry?

Questions for RQ5: Popper Karl Popper, “Science as Falsification”
Popper claims that the theories of Marx, Freud, and Adler appeared to have great explanatory power. Did Popper think this made these theories scientific, and why? Make sure to include the role of verification in your answer.
What does Popper mean when he says that a theory is scientific only if it is falsifiable, and why is Einstein’s theory an example? How could Einstein’s theory have been falsified by the Eddington experiment?
What does Popper mean by a “conventionalist twist” and does it help make a theory scientific?

Questions for RQ6: Lebron Chris Lebron, “Race, Truth, and Two Realities”
What are Lebron’s reasons for saying that, for Americans, black lives don’t matter?
Why, according to Lebron, do some say that black lives already do matter and that there is no problem?
Does Lebron think or say that there are actually two physical realities when it comes to race and truth? Why, or why not?
Toward the end of the reading, how does Lebron describe the internal life of a black person in America?

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