[SOLVED] Reflection that explains your experiences in this course

[SOLVED] Reflection that explains your experiences in this course

Write a reflection that explains your experiences in this course. As almost-former students, your input is
invaluable. Please consider the following questions, and please don’t just tell me what you think I want to
hear. Give me your honest opinions. And if you go above and beyond in your explanations, it’s possible to
earn extra credit.
A. The content of the course.
• The memoir unit
1. Would you suggest my keeping the memoir you read as part of my course? Why or why not?
2. Would you have preferred to do something other than a memoir unit, like a poetry or short story
unit? Pleaseexplain your reply.
• The pairing of Macbeth texts—Shakespeare’s play and Nesbø’s book, as an introduction to the genres of
drama andnovel (and to Shakespeare!). A large portion of this class was devoted to Macbeth, so I’d like
you to answer the following questions:
4. What were your general thoughts about Shakespeare before this class?
5. Did you watch the movie before reading the graphic novel? If not, how difficult was it to
understand Shakespeare’s/Hind’s work by reading it? If so, how much did the movie help you
understand Shakespeare’s play?
6. Did you like reading Hinds’s graphic novel of Macbeth? Would you recommend I assign this again,
or should I teach the actual play? Consider this question for a face-to-face class and an online class.
(And the question isn’t asking whether or not I should assign Macbeth at all.)
7. What are your general thoughts about Jo Nesbø’s book?
8. Did Nesbø’s book help you better understand Shakespeare’s Macbeth? If so, in what ways? If not,
why not?
9. Would you suggest I teach the two Macbeth texts again? If so, would you suggest I teach them in
the same order as I did for this class? Why or why not? Please be specific.
10. After having completed the graphic novel and novel units on Macbeth, what are your general
thoughts about Shakespeare now?
B. The online component of the class.
11. Do you feel the videos “Welcome to English 30!” “Syllabus, Schedule, and Blackboard/Google Site,”
“How to Succeed with the Blogs and Journals,” and “Understanding Your Grade” gave you an
adequate introduction to the course? Which videos were helpful, and which should I never ask
students to watch again? Why? If you did not watch them, please be honest because there is no
consequence if you didn’t.
12. Was the layout of the assignments on Google sites easy for you to follow? Would you have preferred
to have everything on Blackboard? Did you refer to the schedule throughout the semester? Was
everything on Blackboard, Google sites, and the schedule clear about what was due and when? If not,
what could be more clear?
C. Your thinking/performance in the course.
13. To receive full marks on the blog each week, I was looking for thoughtful analysis of the texts, even if
that analysis was couched in a comment about your confusion. (As a reminder, here is what the
grading guidelines say meet the full criteria, as far as the content is concerned: “You posted at least
two excellent, thoughtful, original responses, demonstrating you are thoughtfully considering the
questions you may have about texts or are analyzing the texts—including your fellow students’
contributions. [Remember that your own questions about a text can demonstrate your understanding
of it.)]”) Keeping in mind that the blogs were designed as a place to hold class conversations whereby
you could all unpack the themes and issues inherent in all the texts, how useful were the blogs to your
learning in this class, including the feedback you received from me about your weekly blog posts?

Please be specific, even if the answer was “the blogs weren’t useful” or “your feedback didn’t help.”
Once you provide a thoughtful response to this question overall, please answer the below questions—
if they pertain to you.
a. If you did not participate fully on the blog, please try to explain why as honestly as possible (e.g.,
you forgot, you hadn’t read the texts, you didn’t have time, and so on), and explain what you
think both you and I could have done differently, if anything, to have helped you engage with the
texts and your classmates. (“Changing the texts” is not a sufficient answer; we often have to read
and respond to texts we’d rather not.)
b. If you did participate on the blog and found it difficult to engage with your peers, please try to
describe why you think that you had trouble (e.g., my peers stuck too closely to the original post,
my peers were not adding to the discussion in ways I could meaningfully respond, my peers did
not seem to have read the text, and so on) and what you think I could have done differently, if
anything, to have helped you engage more easily.

D. For this last item, you can essentially provide any information about your experiences in the course,
including what you would have done differently and what may have prevented you from/helped you to
fully engage in the course. (Any criticisms about the course—or me!—will be taken constructively and
will not affect your grade.)
You can write this as an essay or as a letter to future students that gives advice about this class. If you have
another idea about how you want to write it, just run the idea by me. All I ask is that you let me know what
you honestly think and that you try not to make it sound like you are merely answering a series of questions. But
please, please proofread it before you submit, and be thorough. Have fun with the assignment (as best you can,
given it’s an assignment), and, again, do not simply tell me what you *think* I want to hear, because your
non-thinking will come through.
This should be double spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman 12-pt font or Arial 11-pt font. It should mostly
be an analysis of your experiences. WHY are you saying what you are saying?
Thanks so much for your input for future classes! It’s been a pleasure being your professor. Let me know if
you ever need anything, and please stay safe and healthy. I hope our academic paths cross again someday.

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