[SOLVED] migration rates and migration flows

[SOLVED] migration rates and migration flows

SOC 3650
This assignment assesses your competence in calculating and interpreting data used to describe migration rates and migration flows.
Calculate:  What is the population change/growth, natural increase, and net migration for each of the four populations.  Fill in the table below.  Hint:  estimate using the “Demographic Balancing Equation.”  Hint:  In the table, you can express answers absolute numbers.   

Population 2000-2010 Pop Growth Natural Increase Net Migration
2000 2010 Births Deaths
Centerville 22400 22100 1872 1018
Kettering 44150 48700 4131 1448
Oakwood 4150 4250 359 175
Beavercreek 11600 11850 1019 478

Calculate:  Using data from the above table/calculations, what is the net-migration rate for Oakwood during this ten-year period (2000-2010)?  Hint: assume that all migration and natural increase was evenly spaced during the ten-year interval between 2000 and 2010.  This assumption should help you figure out an estimate of the mid-year population for Oakwood.     
                                                                                                     ____________________ (per 1000)
Discuss:  Using the above data/calculations, can you estimate the gross migration rate of these four populations?  Why or Why not?
Interpret:  Below are the population pyramids for two different counties in Texas.  Briefly discuss what you can deduce about these two counties.  For example, what types of age-specific migration flows may be occurring in each population to create these rather unsual population pyramid shapes? 
Calculate:  Using the data given below, fill in the tables. 
State-to-State Domestic Migration Between 1995-2000 (Select States)

Migration Flows
In-Migrant Out-Migrant Gross Migrants Net Migrants
State A 1,448,964 2,204,500
State B 466,123 232,189
State C 726,477 1,600,725
State D 1,362,849 1,214,609


Migration Measures
State A 30,754,866
State B 1,544,657
State C 17,899,362
State C 18,371,281

View & Interpret
Go to the following website and look at the migration flows across the world:  http://metrocosm.com/global-migration-map.html 

  1. Top migration destinations (list 4 countries)


  1. What countries are the top emigration countries (list 4 countries)?  


  1. Briefly explain the possible contributing factors for high immigration to the countries you have listed in (no.1) and high emigration from the countries you have listed in no.2

View & Interpret
Go to the following website and look at the migration flows region to region in the US:

  1. Select “top ten flows” and list the states people moved in


  1. Click on Utah in the interactive map and find where people moved out from Utah and from where people moved in Utah (stay on “top ten flows” option).

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