[SOLVED] Lost Generation Research Paper

[SOLVED] Lost Generation Research Paper

Paper Topic:
Lost Generation Research Paper
For this essay, you will apply the research skills learned in the previous unit to write a 3-4 page paper that compares two writer’s style, for example F. Scott Fitzgerald and/or Ernest Hemingway and/or Henry James. The expectation is that you will use at least one secondary source and one tertiary source. Of course, you will need a bibliography/work cited page. Your paper should regularly reference the secondary source (approximately once per claim/body paragraph). The paper should have 4-6 claims/ body paragraphs that argue about the writers’ style on American fiction. You can contrast his writing with each other, show how they responded to the writers that came before, and demonstrate how they influenced those after him. For Fitzgerald, you can focus on Nick Carraway as an unreliable narrator, his lyrical style, and his tragic plot. For Hemingway, you can focus on the idea of the Code Hero to describe his characters, or you can explore his application of the Iceberg Theory to show the relationship between plot and character. The big thing you need to keep in mind is that I am looking for you to be focused and detailed in your analysis. I expect you to write about things like diction, texture, and modification of his prose. No time for summary or grand philosophical wondering about “why” but instead a focused analysis of “how.”

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