This paper has three parts. With headings, indicate each section and be sure to cover the assigned areas for each section.
Part 1: interview someone who holds a job that you wish to hold in three to five years.
Part 2: interview someone who knows you well, a boss or key stakeholder, to get feedback on what you need to focus on to reach your goals.
Part 3: Your self-assessment, reflections, and actions
Part 1: Leadership Development Interview Paper – 3 pages
Find and interview someone who currently is doing what you envision yourself doing professionally in three to five years (or sooner!).
Be as thorough as possible in preparing for and conducting your interview. You will want to know both what functional (e.g., sales, marketing, engineering, leadership, and style related competencies that one needs to be successful in that position. Review the assigned Zenger Folkman and Edinger article (Zenger, J.H., Folkman, J.R., & Edinger, S.K. (2011). Making yourself indispensable. Harvard Business Review, 89(10), 84-92) and take it with you on your interview. This provides a guide for categories of leadership competencies. You will want to understand which factors are most important for your target position. You also want to understand where in the leadership pipeline (Brown, 2001) your target job lives, and implications for your development path. Review the Brown article (Brown, L.M. (2001). The Leadership Pipeline: Book review. Business Book Review, 18 (9)) before your interview. Be sure to include this analysis in your paper.
Tip: To get the most out of your interview, ask “probing” questions. Say, “Tell me more about that,” and “Why do you think (that)?” Here are some sample questions that you can incorporate into your interview:
What is your job description?
What kind of decisions do you make? How do you go about making them?
Describe your day or week. What are the challenges you face?
What skills and competencies are essential for someone in your position to have? Be thorough because you will be using this information later.
How do you differentiate between management and leadership in your daily work activities?
Tell me about how you approach leadership? How do you see yourself as a leader? What approaches do you use and why?
What leadership competencies do you believe are most important for success in your job?
What professional development advice would you give to someone who hopes to attain a similar position? How should he or she prepare?
What common misconceptions or pitfalls should someone preparing for this position avoid?
What professional organizations do you belong to or recommend?
Your paper must include the following:
A thorough summary of the results of your interview. Include the name and position of the person you interviewed, as well as the date of your interview.
A description of the Zenger Folkman competencies that are most important being successful in this position and why they are critical to success.
A description of where your desired job is in the leadership pipeline, referencing the Brown article (Brown, L.M. (2001). The Leadership Pipeline: Book review. Business Book Review,18 (9))
Part 2: Boss/Key Stakeholder Feedback – 3 Pages
You have articulated and done some research on your three to five-year career goal. You have interviewed someone who holds that position. Now, you need to get some objective feedback from someone who can give you honest and specific feedback on your strengths and areas of development relative to your desired goal.
Choose someone who knows you and your work strengths. Ideally, choose your boss. You can say that your Personal Leadership professor has asked you to get specific feedback on your leadership competencies and that you need to submit this in a paper as part of your grade. If you do not have a boss or do not feel comfortable, choose another key stakeholder in your organization who knows you and who will be honest. If you are not currently working, find someone with whom you worked in the past and who can provide feedback. Review the skills and competencies that you gathered in your interview. Be sure to have them written out.
Here are suggested steps for your conversation.
Say that you are gathering feedback for yourself as a leader for a leadership development plan required for your course
Ask for honest and very specific feedback. You want to leave the conversation with a good idea of strengths to leverage and critical areas to develop
Share the skills and competencies (gathered in the interview with the person who holds the position you want to in three to five years, and/or the Zenger et al (2011) criteria (pp. 6-7) with your boss/key stakeholder.
Ask—“how am I doing now on each?” Ask for specifics on what you are doing well and what you need to develop in the next three to five years
Consider asking the good questions Zenger et al. suggested in their article—
What leadership skills do you think are strengths for me?
In what specific areas could I be more effective? What are my biggest developmental gaps? Any suggestions for how to close the gaps?
Is there anything I do that might be considered a fatal flaw or a leadership derailer?
What leadership ability, if outstanding, would have the most significant impact on the productivity of effectiveness of the organization?
What leadership abilities of mine have the most significant impact on you?
Another great question is…. In order to get to my desired goal, what should I start doing, continue doing, and stop doing? Be specific.
You already asked for suggested professional development steps. Share those and ask if there are others
Part 2 must include the following:
The name and title of the person you interviewed and their relationship to you.
Your target job
The skills and competencies you gathered in your initial interview and those gathered from your boss/key stakeholder
Your boss/key stakeholder feedback to you
Part 3: Your Self-Assessment, Reflection and Actions, 3 pages
Now after you have conducted your interview with (a) someone who holds the position you would like to have in 3-5 years and understand the type of competencies that lead to success and (b) with a boss or key stakeholder who has given you feedback on your own performance, take the time to reflect and do a deep self-assessment. Consider the information given to you about what it will take to be a successful leader and the levels at which you have performed in the past. Then reflect on what you can do to move forward to be competent within three -five years. What actions can you take?
Part 3 must include the following:
Considering your boss’s or key stake holder’s feedback to you, describe:
Your self-evaluation.
How your boss’ perceptions aligns with your self-evaluation? Where do you line up and where do you differ?
Where were you surprised? Where were you not surprised?
Now considering the Zenger-Folkman competencies that are required for your target career position:
What competencies do you need to develop?
Where are you the strongest?
What do you think will be the most difficult for you to develop and why?
What can you do to develop them?
What actions can you take to support your development in these areas?
What goals can you set for yourself in the next 3 months? Next year?
What actions do you have to take to implement your goals?
Is there someone who can mentor you?
Are there courses you can take?
Assignment Submission Guidelines
Use headings for each section
Narrative style throughout.
Bullet points are not acceptable in an academic paper
You must reference a minimum of 5 readings from this course to back up assumptions and evidence. This is important as it is how I can see that you are able to relate the readings and lectures to your experiences.
Use additional articles, books, and other sources if useful (Wikipedia is not a source)
Correctly cite all sources in APA format in the text of your paper and on your reference page
CURRENT JOB: Project Monitoring/Evaluation Specialist – USAID
APIRING JOB IN 3 – 5 YEARS TIME: Project Manager – United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
References (Course Books/Articles)
Brown, L.M. (2001). The Leadership Pipeline: Book review. Business Book Review, 18 (9).
Zenger, J.H., Folkman, J.R., & Edinger, S.K. (2011). Making yourself indispensable. Harvard Business Review, 89(10), 84-92
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Mohr, T. S. (2015). Helping an Employee Overcome Their Self- Doubt. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2-5.
Goleman, D. (2000). Leadership that gets results. Harvard Business Review, 78(2), 78-90.

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