[SOLVED] Judicial Review..14th Amendment

[SOLVED] Judicial Review..14th Amendment

Part I: Please provide a five to seven-sentence definition of the following terms or a five to seven-sentence answer to the following questions.
Judicial Review
How was the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment used by the Warren Court?
What is arbitrary enforcement and under what circumstances does it happen?
Explain how Terry v. Ohio changed the standard needed to engage in a pat down or search.
In their interactions with suspects, on what do the police often rely? Think of Miranda v. Arizona and Florida v. Bostick.
Right to Privacy or Personal Autonomy
Part II: Please provide answers that are at least fifteen sentence long. You may go over fifteen sentences.
What is the civil libertarian philosophy on the relationship between the individual and the state? Please use cases to illustrate your response.( Mapp v. Ohio, Brandenburg v. Ohio, Planned parenthood v. Casey, Berghuis v. Thompkings, Terry v. Ohio)
In this course, we have discussed how different groups of people are targeted by the police. In Ghosts of Stonewall, the authors argue that the targeting of specific groups is related to ‘criminalizing archetypes’ and ‘classification anxiety’. Drawing on the quote below, from “Ghosts of Stonewall,” explain why members of the LGBTQ are targeted by the police.
“Gender nonconformity in appearance or expression gives rise to police presumptions of disorder, violence and mental instability, among other qualities. Such presumptions are heighted when synergistically reinforced by equally powerful stereotypes based on race, class, or both. In routine daily interactions, police can be described as succumbing to classification anxiety. Queer, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people are threatening because they place in question ‘identities previously conceived as stable, unchallengeable, grounded and known’ which serve as critical tools of heterosexist culture (67).”

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