[SOLVED] In-Home Final Exam

[SOLVED] In-Home Final Exam

In-Home Final Exam
Part II – Essay
Part II is an essay question and is worth 50% of the total exam mark. It is marked out of 30 points. You are to answer only ONE of the 6 essay options. No extra marks will be given for answering more than one. You may use point or paragraph form. The essay should be at least 10 pages, double-spaced. Remember answers must be substantiated by facts and policy, legal, and ethical arguments. Make references to law and texts where needed. A bibliography is optional. Points will be given for content, style, course concept integration and documentation, as well as relevant personal opinions. Make sure you answer each part of the essay question that you choose.
Robin’s Ethical Dilemma
You are Robin Greene, a newly hired vice-present of HR and Talent Development on a 12-month probationary contract with Polair, a federally-regulated, unionized private airline serving the three territories from a hub in Edmonton. You immediately find yourself administering the organization’s new annual performance appraisal process. You quickly realize that the newly approved appraisal instrument and process has many flaws because it contains stereotyped subjective measures which do not comply with legislation and science. You are particularly concerned that the performance appraisal form is not linked to training programs by which employees can advance to better jobs. CEEA target group representation is very low beyond entry level jobs. The new appraisal instrument is the brainchild of Jack Bell, the organization’s CEO and founder. He is very proud of his “New Baby”. Robin knows that, if he/she uses it, serious problems will arise. Before using it to train supervisors in the assessing process, Robin decides to write Mr. Bell a memo setting out his/her concerns. What should Robin put in the memo? What authorities, examples and theories could he/she give? Can Robin call on any allies to support her progressive position? Robin knows Jack might react by terminating his/her probationary contract. Describe, discuss and assess. Reference where appropriate Steen’s HRM text, class discussions and presentations and provide your own opinions.
Many Canadian government organizations and private businesses operate abroad. Professor Steen, in her text, describes these different operating environments and offers principles for practicing voluntary diversity management by our agencies and businesses abroad. Describe them. In external operations, should we require these agencies and businesses to comply with Canadian legal and policy standards? Does our unique multicultural population give Canada any special advantages or disadvantages to foreign organizations abroad? Describe, discuss and assess.
Managing difference between individuals and groups in a free and democratic society depends on free speech, societal tolerance and respect for due process of law. Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in S. 2. Its exercise is closely connected to freedoms of religion, association and assembly as well as equality rights. It is also protected by human rights legislation and the common law torts of libel and slander. There is no absolute right under the Charter to free speech. Constraints are in the S.1 limitation and the S.33 override. Criminal courts and human rights tribunals have considered what these limits are and rendered a number of decisions which have been reviewed by the SCC. The most controversial area of free speech practice and law is hate speech as opposed to hurtful and annoying speech. Discuss with reference to the principles of democratic political thought, criminal law, constitutional law and human rights legislation, Incorporate your own opinion and make reference to group presentations where appropriate. Describe, discuss and assess, clearly explaining pro and con arguments.
The U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNRPD) was passed by the U.N. General Assembly and signed off by many nations, including Canada, but significantly absent was ratification by the USA. Describe 5 significant provisions of this Convention. How would inclusion of these rights improve the statutory and constitutional protection of disability rights in Canada? How much progress has been made since Canada signed off this Convention? Are amendments needed to our domestic legislation? How do you think Canadians might respond to such amendments in the wake of COVID-19? Describe, discuss, and assess, reflecting concepts learned in group presentation and readings.
Since the Second World War, Canada has admitted thousands of refugees to this country pursuant to the Geneva Convention and the 1967 Protocol. We have won the U.N.’s Nanson Medial for our success in admitting refugees and settling them here. In recent years there has been mounting criticism that we could do more with the upheavals abroad in many countries, civil wars, climate change, and deteriorating economic and medical conditions. There are critics within and without that Canada’s present system of admission is too technical and racially biased. We reach out to incorporate Syrian and Ukrainian refugees because they resemble more Canadians in colour and culture, while blocking Haitians, Africans, Afghans, and Latinos. We now have thousands of illegal nonstatus migrants within our state facing deportation with little chance of receiving amnesty. Instead, we constantly enhance our border security and deportation systems to remove the “unwanted”. Do we need a new refugee policy? How would it operate? Would Canadians accept it. Discuss.
Canada has an employment equity system that is supposed to protect people not getting jobs on the basis of discrimination. Some progress has been made, but there is still much ground to be covered. Should we abandon our slow-paced employment equity system for a vigourous quota type system as used in the USA or use a revamped affirmative action system as established under the Charter and human rights codes? Would such changes in law, policy and practices be accepted by Canadians? What are the likely consequences of upping pressure for changes? Would we receive a backlash from more privileged members of the community? Will we be able to find sufficient members of qualified persons to fill open jobs? Should we start to lay off present qualified incumbents with compensation to increase opportunities for newcomers and previously discriminated persons? Describe, discuss, and assess and offer constructive recommendations.
Delivering essential public services of reasonable quality to all Canadians to promote well-being, economic development and reduce disparities is a constitutional requirement under CA 1982, S.36 of the federal and provincial governments. Beyond this general mandate, the federal government, because of its special power under CA 1867, S.91 ss.24, “Indians and lands” has an additional responsibility to deliver adequate public services to marginalized “aboriginal peoples of Canada”. The class presentation described how the federal government has consistently failed to provide sufficient services in the areas of health and welfare and in education to aboriginal communities. This situation can no longer be tolerated in a compassionate and free and democratic society. You are to provide recommendations on what type of programs are needed, how they are to be delivered, how they are to be funded, how aboriginal participants are to be engaged, and how outcomes are to be measured. Does provision of such programs require greater aboriginal self-government or can matters be left to the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal officials? Does the passage of the new federal and B.C. U.N. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Acts improve the possibility of delivering better services to aboriginal communities? Discuss.

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