[SOLVED] HST 131: US History Since the Civil War

[SOLVED] HST 131: US History Since the Civil War

HST 131: US History Since the Civil War
Essay 2 Guidelines
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Essay Prompt
Citing Sources
Essay Evaluation
Frequently Asked Questions
Essay Prompt
This semester, we have used the Contemporary America historical framework to explore how a number of
fears created reactions that had an observable impact on society. Between 1919 and 2016, did fears unite
or divide Americans more? For each fear, your essay should use specific examples to explain the causes of
that fear, reactions to that fear, and the historical outcomes of that fear that changed society. You should
organize your essay thematically, and you should not attempt to narrate or recap all the material we have
covered this semester.
Write an essay that is organized into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
● Your introduction (about 4-8 sentences) should provide any important historical context for the
audience. At the end of your introduction, include a one-sentence argument (thesis) that provides an
answer to the question in the prompt.
● Each body paragraph should present and analyze a single topic related to the Contemporary
America historical framework. You should include examples and evidence, and you should explain to
the audience how the evidence connects to the historical framework. Your examples should support
the argument stated in the introduction.
● Your conclusion (about 4-8 sentences) should recap the major points you made. You should
reiterate why the topic matters and evaluate how the Contemporary America historical framework
adds to our understanding of history. .
Requirements for a Passing Grade:
Essay is double-spaced and between 1000-1250 words, excluding the header.
Addresses the prompt and demonstrates understanding of course material.
Incorporates analysis of and cites three (3) text primary source documents from LaunchPad.
Does not use any sources outside of those assigned for this class.
Uploaded to Blackboard as a PDF or a Word document.
Grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization communicate ideas effectively.
Citing Sources
All essays should contain footnote citations to sources paraphrased and/or quoted within. You can create a
footnote in your word processor (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pages) by clicking Insert + Footnote.
The sample citations below should serve as a guide on how to cite each type of source you might use to
complete the essay assignment. There is no need for a works cited page.
Primary Source Documents: Source number, author, title
Primary source documents should be cited as they appear in LaunchPad.
Examples (with citations in footnotes below)
The “Elephant Ride at Coney Island” photograph depicts recreational activities in the Gilded Age.
According to Jane Addams, “The Settlement then, is an experimental effort to aid in the solution of the
social and industrial problems which are engendered by the modern conditions of life in a great city.”
Textbook: Hewit and Lawson, chapter number, page number
The online textbook should be cited by the authors’ names (Hewitt and Lawson) with the ebook’s
chapter number and page number in regular font.
Examples (with citations in footnotes below)
Hewitt and Lawson assert, “By 1917 commissions had spread to more than four hundred cities
throughout the country.”
Films, Videos, or Podcast Episodes: (film title) or (“episode title”)
Full-length documentary titles are italicized. Episodes within a film or podcast series or short videos are
placed in regular font style with quotation marks.
Examples (with citations in footnotes below)
“The Melting Pot” podcast episode explores the origins and original intent of Israel Zangwill’s play.
In the Civilian Conservation Corps documentary, workers describe the relief they felt with having the
opportunity to work for wages.
Where do I place a citation?
The citation always goes AFTER the closing period and quotation mark at the end of the sentence. The
citation should not be placed in the middle of a sentence. See above examples.
5 Civilian Conservation Corps
4 “The Melting Pot”
3 Hewitt and Lawson, ch. 19, p. 645.
2 Source 19.11 Jane Addams, “The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements” (1892)
1 Source 18.1 | Elephant Ride at Coney Island (1911)
Essay Evaluation
Essays will be evaluated on quality thinking, effective communication, proper use of sources and citations,
and meeting the minimum word count.
A few warnings:
● Essays cannot earn above a C grade if they fail to meet the minimum length requirement or if they
fail to use or cite the required number of primary source documents in the prompt.
● Essays cannot earn above an F grade if they use or consult sources outside of those assigned for
class. Outside sources include but are not limited to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and websites. This is
to prevent the temptation of cheating or plagiarizing.
Quality of Thinking:The extent to which a student demonstrates the ability to think critically and make thoughtful
connections between primary and secondary sources.
The student has conducted a
careful and close viewing or
reading of the material. The
student demonstrates full
understanding and grapples
with the issues raised in the
The student demonstrates a
basic understanding of the
course material and may
struggle with thinking
critically about some aspects
of the material.
The student demonstrates a
marginal understanding of the
course material and struggles
with thinking critically about
many aspects of the material.
The student demonstrates
little or no understanding of
the course material. Student’s
answers lack the necessary
critical thinking expected. The
student should read assigned
sources more carefully.
Effective Communication: The extent to which a student effectively communicates ideas.
Correct word usage, grammar,
sentence structure, and
punctuation with no or few
Strong sentence structure,
grammar, and punctuation
despite occasional errors.
Some sentences are unclear
due to word choice or
grammar. Multiple errors in
Sentence structure, word
choice, grammar, or
punctuation sometimes
interfere with comprehension.
Sources and Citations: The extent to which a student effectively uses sources and correctly cites the sources according
to the Essay Guidelines
Incorporates the required
number of sources listed in
the prompt. Cites sources
correctly according to the
Essay Guidelines.
Incorporates the required
number of sources listed in
the prompt. Attempts to cite
sources, but citations are
incorrect according to the
Essay Guidelines.
Does not incorporate the
required number of sources
listed in the prompt. May or
may not cite sources correctly
according to the Essay
Response contains no
citations, gives no indication
that the student consulted
sources, and/or uses sources
outside of those listed in the
Word Count: The student is expected to meet the minimum word count.
Essay is between 1000-1250 words, excluding the header.
Essay is below 1000 words, excluding the header.
Frequently Asked Questions
This section will be updated with any useful questions that students ask.
Q: I turned in the assignment, and I noticed a mistake or I submitted the wrong assignment. What
can I do?
A: You can upload a new copy. Each student has 3 submission attempts.
Q: Can I select my examples from the same topic/lecture/chapter?
A: The best essays will choose examples from a range of topics/lectures/chapters, because the prompt asks
you to consider the period “between 1919 and 2016.”
Q: I want to choose ____ as an example, but I am concerned that it does not cover the entire period
from 1919 to 2016. Is that okay?
A: Yes. A single example does not have to span the entire chronology. Your examples should not go outside
of the chronology of 1919 to 2016, however.
Q: Do I have to choose an example from the 1990s or 2000s?
A: No. I recognize that we did not devote much time in class to the 1990s and 2000s. You can select any
example from the lectures or assigned course materials, and the textbook concludes in about 2016.
Q: Can I include more than three primary source text documents?
A: Yes. That is only the minimum requirements for a passing grade.

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