[SOLVED] Hazards, Risks, and Controls SAFE-1000

[SOLVED] Hazards, Risks, and Controls SAFE-1000

SAFE-1000 2022 PT
Assignment 2
Hazards, Risks, and Controls
This is an individual assignment.
Review and complete Case Study 1, page 112 in the textbook (copied below).
Ensure you read Chapter 4 before you complete this assignment.
A plant worker in a textile manufacturing plant is experiencing some
difficulties with a clamping device on a textile fixture that keeps a material
in position while it is fed into an automatic stencilling machine. The clamp
does not always allow the material to be fed into the machine properly
aligned with the stencil. The worker who was operating the machine had
32 years’ experience with this type of equipment. While attempting to
make the necessary adjustments for smooth operation without shutting off
the power, she had to reach into the machine. She placed her left hand
between the feed-in mechanism levers while her right hand was
positioning the misaligned part between the open clamps of the fixture.
Unfortunately, the one-button actuating control was located immediately to
the left of the worker’s body, about hip level. The worker inadvertently
depressed the button with her leg while reaching into the machine. The
machine cycled – the feed mechanism slid forward while the fixture
clamps closed. The worker’s sleeve wads pinched in the clamps and her
arm was pulled partly into the machine before a co-worker was able to hit
the emergency stop button.
You have been asked to investigate and as part of the investigation you
have been asked to list the following:
a) The unsafe acts
b) The unsafe conditions
c) The energies involved
d) The steps to be taken to prevent this situation from recurring.
SAFE-1000 2022 PT
Task 1:
a) Read Chapter 4
b) Read the Case Study (page 112 of the textbook), and provided above.
c) Provide separate answers for:
1. List and briefly describe the ‘unsafe acts’,
2. List and briefly describe the ‘unsafe conditions’,
3. List and describe the ‘energies’ involved,
4. For each step of the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’, provide possible
control measure that could be taken to prevent the incident from
recurring. Do not consider cost or what the ‘boss’ might not like.
Due dates
• April 27, 11:59 pm
• Students will be evaluated on their demonstration of following the
assignment’s instructions.
• A well-written report that demonstrates your ability to:
o Gather, evaluate and analyse relevant information;
o Structure material in a logical and coherent order;
o Present your report in a consistent manner according to the
• Clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and etc. will also be evaluated.
SAFE-1000 2022 PT
This assignment is 20% of total course mark.
Accurately described the unsafe acts: 3 points
Accurately described the unsafe conditions: 3 points
Accurately described the energies involved: 3 points
Provided the steps to be taken to prevent this situation from recurring;
steps to include “Hierarchy of Controls” with descriptions of possible
controls (not definition of the controls):
Elimination 2 points
Substitution 2 points
Engineering 2 points
Administrative 2 points
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2 points
Evidence of research, references provided 2 points
Limited spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar errors 2 points
The submitted assignment was easy to follow and easy to read;
(i.e. consistency in formatting, provided headings, subheadings, table
formats or other formats were used when appropriate)
2 points
25 points = 20% of course mark
Assignment Submission
• Before submitting your completed assignment, review to ensure you have
followed the instructions and are not missing any requirements (tasks).
There are no ‘do-overs’.
• The file you are submitting needs to be worded similar to “Assignment 1,
“your name”
o e.g.: Assignment 2, Jane Doe
• Submit your completed assignment part in the correct Drop Box folder
(Assignment 2).
o After submitting your assignment, check the Drop Box for your
assignment submission to ensure you submitted the correct one.
You will be marked on what you submitted.
• Late submissions:
o Without prior approval by the instructor, it will have marks

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