[SOLVED] Finch’s response to women’s role in 18th Century society

[SOLVED] Finch’s response to women’s role in 18th Century society

There are a total of 13 prompts you can choose from.
1. Anne Finch’s “Nocturnal Reverie” employs natural images to develop her ideas. Choose one of the poem’s natural images. What does that image reveal about Finch’s response to women’s role in 18th Century society?
2. In “To the Nightingale,” Finch’s speaker uses the nightingale–which will be a recurring image in the poems to come–as a symbol of artistic creativity. What does the nightingale symbolize for the speaker?
3. Is the setting for “Adam Posed” before or after humanity’s fall from grace? Provide textual evidence from the poem and your own logical reasoning to support your response. (Focus on what an 18th Century person’s ideas on Christianity, not on a 21st-century understanding.)
4. Both Anne Finch and John Keats employ the symbolism of the nightingale. Compare or contrast how the poets use the image to achieve the poem’s aims.
5. How does Keats’s “La Belle Dame sans Merci” upend the traditional power dynamic between men and women? In other words, how does the poem’s femme fatale resist men’s power in society?
6. The textbook’s introduction to John Keats states that “he finds melancholy in delight and pleasure in pain” (468). How does “La Belle Dame sans Merci” (The Beautiful Woman without Pity) grapple with these seemingly contradictory ideas (“melancholy in delight,” “pleasure in pain”)? In other words, are they as contradictory as they seem?
7. Dorian Gray’s response to his own portrait has interesting psychological implications for the character. For instance, we often create barriers against, deny, or completely reject uncomfortable aspects of our personalities. How does the portrait, not to mention his treatment of it, reflect Gray’s psychological development throughout the novel? (Note: Psychological development is not the same as moral or ethical development.)
8. Despite the many mentions of “friendship” and the inclusion of a heterosexual romance, The Picture of Dorian Gray often relies on homoerotic language and imagery (in other words, language and images that suggest same-sex desire). How does the novel’s homoerotic subtext reveal Victorian attitudes toward same-sex desire and relationships?
9. Although Wilde had a wife and child, his homosexual liaisons were a well-known secret in high society. Is Wilde’s argument in the preface that “art is neither moral or immoral only well or poorly made” a shield to protect himself against accusations of sodomy? (Note: The legal definition of “sodomy” at the time included all sexual desires and practices considered deviant, but it was mostly used when referring homosexuality, which was considered a crime for most of the 19th and 20th centuries in England. The Picture of Dorian Gray was used at Wilde’s trial as evidence against him. He was convicted and sentenced to two years hard labor.)
10. Woolf’s “The Lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection” begins and ends with the pronouncement that “[p]people should leave looking-glasses hanging in their rooms” (221). According to the story, why shouldn’t people leave mirrors in their rooms?
11. Woolf popularized a style of modernist writing called “stream of consciousness.” This method of storytelling involves the narrative appearing to move from one idea to the next, as if the writer is composing the tale right at that moment. How does this technique, as it is used in Woolf’s stories, effectively unveil the psychological depth of her characters, as opposed to the previous styles of writing we have encountered so far? (Note: For this prompt, you can choose either of Woolf’s stories. Not both. Just one.)
12. Agatha Christie is one the world’s most popular English writers. She is only outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare. In “The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael” we can see why. Her skills as a mystery writer are immense. Still, Christie’s representation of an Asian woman is problematic. In what specific ways does Christie’s characterization of Lady Carmichael contribute to racist stereotypes for Asian women?
13. Okojie’s “Animal Parts” is surprising, both in its conceit and in its ending. How does the story’s ending illustrate the effects of internalized racism?
Some instructions my professor gave me
You must cite–in addition to the text itself–at least four outside sources to support your argument. Those four sources must include one scholarly article, one academic style book, and two credible websites (encyclopedias, Wikipedia, and study guides will not count).
1 Intro Paragraph
3 Body Paragraphs
1 Concluding Paragraph

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