[SOLVED] Final Exam ENGL 3970 / AAS 4890

[SOLVED] Final Exam ENGL 3970 / AAS 4890

Final Exam
ENGL 3970 / AAS 4890
Submit To: Final Exam Assignment Folder (iCollege) as ONE DOCUMENT
• Do not generalize, phrase your reading as a moral (e.g. “this passage teaches us that you should never…”), or digress into unrelated topics.
• Avoid vagueness (e.g. “Glissant talks about trauma in different ways”) and speculation (e.g. “It is possible that Lucy might have wanted to…”).
• Be as detailed as possible with your analysis. That is, analyze specific words, phrases, and other textual details to support your reading. Simply describing a textual element is not analysis. Your job is to analyze the text for non-literal
(connotative) meaning that wouldn’t be obvious to anyone who had read the text in question. If what you’re saying is obvious, you need to dig deeper into the text and try again!
• Avoid hiding behind opinion (e.g. “I believe that…” or “In my opinion…”). Your argument depends on the strength and nuance of your analysis of textual details.
• Use direct, clear syntax to convey what you mean.
• You are free to revise and incorporate material from your discussion posts into your final exam, as long as you have not already used the same material in the essay or creative assignments from earlier in the semester.
• Review my weekly lectures and our discussions before you write.
Body Paragraph Structure
Every body paragraph you write for this final exam (whether in Part 1 or Part 2) must
follow this structure:
1. An interpretive (argumentative) topic sentence in your own words, which offers
a specific conceptual or thematic focus for the paragraph.
2. Substantive analysis of at least two examples from your chosen text (see
“Available Texts” below). Quote directly from your chosen text at least twice and
integrate those quotations into your own prose to form a grammatically correct
sentence, using a signal phrase. Be sure to use proper MLA citation style for your
⁃ Example 1: For Glissant, the terror of the Middle Passage “partakes of the
abyss, three times linked to the unknown” (6).
⁃ Example 2: Glissant’s call to “cry our cry of poetry” positions Caribbean
experience at the center of his concept of Relation (9).
3. An analytic closing sentence in your own words, which offers a conclusion or
binding insight that logically follows from the analysis in the paragraph.
For more information, see the course handout on Eric Hayot’s uneven-U model of body
paragraph writing.
Part 1: Short Response
Value: 1 body paragraph x 20% = 20% of total final exam grade
Select one text from the Available Texts section and write a detailed body paragraph
(250-300 words, following the format provided in the Body Paragraph Structure
Select any prompt from the week in which we studied your chosen text.
Available Texts
Kamau Brathwaite, “Bermudas”; Shani Mootoo, “Out on Main Street”, Junot Diaz, “The
Cheater’s Guide to Love”
Part 2: Essay
Value: 1 essay = 80% of total final exam grade
Select one of the prompts below and write a short analytic essay (1100-1200 words) on
Edwidge Danticat’s The Farming of Bones. This essay must include an introduction with
an argumentative thesis statement (see the Introductions handout for more
information), body paragraphs (following the format provided in the Body Paragraph
Structure section), and a conclusion. Better essays will consider form as well as content
and will analyze parts of the novel that I did not discuss directly in lecture.
1. Analyze the representation of diaspora. How is belonging represented, and what
factors complicate the experience of movement within the Caribbean?
2. How do different characters react to the possibility of Creolization? Do you see
any evidence of potentially violent or “rooted” (to use Glissant’s term) identity?
3. Compare and contrast at least two representations of Otherness in Danticat’s
novel, paying special attention to moments that present a nonliteral (metaphoric,
symbolic, etc.) challenge to clear distinctions between self and Other. How might
these representations dramatize or speak to specific modes of Caribbean
4. Brian Norman argues that The Farming of Bones “draws upon fiction’s reparative
possibilities to imagine a future after atrocity by and for the figure of the
survivor,” transcending “the more juridical aims of testimony and the
documentary aims of history.” Danticat, Norman argues, registers “the experience
of the massacre through collective testimony” while also creating “a purely
fictional survivor who must learn to distinguish her own story from that of the
atrocity.” In this way, the novel “crafts a model of testimony that escapes the
survivor’s dilemma by incorporating both memory and the future” (403). What
evidence can you find and analyze in this week’s reading to support Norman’s
Bonus Question
Value: 2-4% added to total final exam grade
Describe something that has brought you joy or fulfillment this semester. Alternatively,
describe your biggest challenge this semester.

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