[SOLVED] Darwin’s theory of evolution

[SOLVED] Darwin’s theory of evolution

Answer these Quiz questions:
1. State, in your own words, the NASA “working definition” of life.
2. Describe the importance of mutations in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
3. What is the age of the oldest fossil evidence of life on Earth?
4. Give one example of an environmental condition showing why land was an inhospitable environment for life on early Earth.
5. What do scientists think caused the mass extinction between the Cretaceous and the Tertiary?
6. What prevents the blood of some Arctic and Antarctic fishes from freezing?
7. List one adaptation of marine organisms (animals) that live in oxygen minimum zones.
8. Compare and contrast the problems that fresh water and seawater fishes face, due to the fact that the salinity of their body fluids is different from the salinity of their environment.
9. List two adaptations of fishes that enable them to reduce friction while swimming.
10. Roughly, how many species of fishes are there in the ocean?
11. What are phytoplankton?
12. State briefly the importance of the California kelp forests for marine life.
13. Generally speaking, which areas of the ocean are more biologically productive: coastal areas or the open ocean?
14. How can satellites be used to measure primary productivity in the ocean?
15. List two impacts of human activities on marine primary production.
16. Roughly, when did the Cambrian Revolution take place?
17. List two behavioral activities that jellyfish, although without a brain, can undertake.
18. Why is having a backbone (that is, being a vertebrate) a greater driving force for evolution on land than in the ocean?
19. List two examples of stressful environmental conditions that organisms living in the intertidal zone have to cope with.
20. How do barnacles and mussels living in the intertidal zone prevent from being dislodged by wave action?
21. Briefly describe what a swim bladder is in fish and what is its purpose.
22. List three possible uses of bioluminescence.
23. In what part of the ocean are marine crocodiles found?
24. What is the only marine mammal that lives both on land and in the sea?
25. What is the largest whale species in the ocean? What category of whales does it belong to?

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