[SOLVED] Anxiety and Depression within children from ages 1-11

[SOLVED] Anxiety and Depression within children from ages 1-11

YOURE TOPIC is Anxiety and Depression within children from ages 1-11
You will need to search the literature and select a minimum of 15 peer reviewed articles on interventions for your problem and population.
• You will be submitting a paper of 10-12 pages in length, page count DOES NOT include cover page and reference list.
• The paper will be written using third person language. This means that the words: I, me, mine, my, you etc. will not be utilized in this paper.
• This paper will NOT include direct quotes. Professional writing in APA format minimizes the use of direct quotes. As such, NO DIRECT QUOTES will be accepted in this paper.
▪ Finding information is only one piece of the puzzle. This paper will demonstrate synthesis of information. Synthesis is the process of explaining the findings in your own words, while expertly citing the sources of the information presented.
o Deductions will be taken for any/all direct quotes that are included in the paper.
• This paper will use level one headings for each section. Please see APA manual for more information on the level of headings and how they are formatted.
• This paper will include a minimum of 15 peer reviewed articles. All of which will be cited within the paper using parenthetical citations formatted using the APA 7th edition.
This paper should consist of the following sections:
Title Page
1. A title page should be formatted using the APA 7th edition formatting.
2. Remember that you need to include:
a. The title of your paper
b. Your name
c. Your professors name
d. The name of the course
e. The name of the institution
f. The name of the department
g. The date the assignment is due
3. REVIEW the APA 7 manual and/or owl.purdue for the CORRECT order and layout.
Introductory Paragraph
1. This paragraph should include a brief statement as to why the topic is important.
2. This is your opportunity to introduce your audience to your findings from the literature and make them want to know more of what you have to say.
1. Prevalence means how many. In this case, how many people are impacted by this problem/issue?
2. We talk about prevalence rates. A prevalence rate is an indication of how big the problem/issue is.
4. We break down prevalence rates by demographic grouping variables. These include but are not limited to:
i. Age
ii. Race
iii. Gender
iv. Ethnicity
v. Socio-economic Status (SES)
vi. Relationship Status
vii. Urban/Suburban/Rural
viii. Education Level
5. You may find some discussion of prevalence rates in the articles that you include in this paper.
6. You will also need to look at additional resources for information on the prevalence of this problem/issue in the United States. Some resources that you might use would include:
i. https://www.census.gov/
ii. https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/statistics/what-is-prevalence
iii. https://www.samhsa.gov/
iv. https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/chronic/basicstat.htm
v. https://www.cdc.gov/brfss/data_tools.htm
vi. https://open.cdc.gov/data.html
vii. https://www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov/statistics/prevalence.aspx
viii. https://usafacts.org/data/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ND-StatsData&msclkid=22933d1d405e1bf6ab665cee12aa1b20
ix. https://data.ers.usda.gov/reports.aspx?ID=17826
1. Every social issue or problem impacts people in some capacity. If we do NOTHING about the social issue or problem that you have selected to look into, what happens?
2. How are people impacted by this issue?
3. How are activities of daily living impacted by this issue?
4. Why should this social issue/problem be addressed?
Interventions (x5)
You need to discuss the 5 interventions that you put in your table with any adjustments based upon the feedback your received from the Table Assignment the link is below
1. What do we do about this problem?
2. What does this mean?
3. Clearly state what the intervention is.
4. Describe the intervention:
a. How does it work?
b. How is it administered?
5. What do the research articles say about how effective this intervention is for this specific problem with this specific population?
6. What are the take aways from this intervention?
7. You will be including five (5) separate interventions.
a. Each intervention should include a minimum of three (3) research articles about the intervention.
b. You are NOT presenting every article individually. You are synthesizing the information.
i. What does this mean?
1. This means that after reading through the three plus articles about the intervention, you will write a synopsis that covers information from all three of the articles.
2. For example, if article A states that 20% of the participants improved with intervention X and article B states that 22% of participants improved with intervention X and article C states that 30% of participants improved with intervention X a synthesis of this may look like:
“Research has shown that 20-30% of individuals with this problem improve after participating in intervention X.”
3. Some tips for writing in this section: Think about what is important to know about the intervention. How does the intervention work? Who benefits from the intervention? What are some ways that the researchers identified to improve the intervention? Were there differences in how the intervention was administered?
8. Research questions/hypotheses for an intervention study that you might think about?
a. What are some of the questions that YOU now are thinking about after reading all of this literature about this population and this problem?
9. How would you use this research?
a. If you were in charge at an agency, what would you do with this information?
i. Why would you make these decisions?
ii. How does the research support these decisions?
10. What did you learn from this assignment?
a. What was hard/easy?
b. What changed for you in regards to how you view research? (“Nothing” is not an answer).
c. How does research matter?
1. List in alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name.
2. Do not change the order of authors in an article, ever.
3. When typing journal articles the titles have different capitalization. Pay attention though, because journal TITLES are capitalized normally. Also, the journal title is in italics while the article title is NOT. Here are some examples of how we capitalize and format article and journal titles:
a. This is my journal article title. This is a Journal
b. This is another journal article title: Do you like it? This is a Journal Too
c. This is another another journal article title: People who live in New York read this. This is a Journal as Well
4. Note: In the article title, only the first letter of the first word, the first word after a colon and proper nouns are capitalized.
5. Author, F.M.; Other, F.M.; Another, F.M. & Last, F.M. (2020). Here is another journal
article title that we are pretending to be real. This is a Pretend Journal, 4(12), 310-
317. DOI:asldfjoeiroh3098ur52yu4r8yhu
6. Note:
a. All of the references should be double spaced.
b. The first line of the reference is left justified
c. All subsequent lines of the reference are indented.
d. The year of publication comes after the list of authors.
e. After the journal title the volume of the journal is listed followed by the issue number, which is in italics.
f. Page numbers are next and are listed as the numbers only eg: 14-32.
g. The DOI number must be included
i. Test your DOI numbers! If they do not take you to the article, they are not correct.
For ease of reference, the following are the headings for the paper:
Cover Page
Introductory Paragraph
Your paper needs to be correctly formatted:  Using 12point Times New Roman font, indent paragraphs, correct in text citations and correct full reference citations on separate reference page. Level one headings need to be centered bolded on page.  Use black font color. Include header and page numbers.
Refer to Purdue OWL for assistance with formatting.

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