Create Maze Game using Perlenspiel Javascript Game Plugin

Create Maze Game using Perlenspiel Javascript Game Plugin

Question – Worksheet_x000D_
This worksheet has been created to get you to think about the requirements and best _x000D_
practices for completing the Perlenspiel Puzzle Assignment. Please answer each of the _x000D_
following to the best of your abilities:_x000D_
1.What is the name of your puzzle?_x000D_
2.Does your puzzle have a theme? If so, what is it? (All puzzles don’t need to have _x000D_
themes. What is the theme of Sudoku, for instance?)_x000D_
a.Briefly describe the mechanics of your puzzle. What does the player interact with? _x000D_
What is the goal?_x000D_
b.Briefly describe an appropriate strategy for the game that isn’t brute force. (What’s _x000D_
an approach the player may take to effectively solve the puzzle?) (See Lesson 08)_x000D_
a.How will the user know how to interact with the puzzle? Is it …Read Moreself-explanatory just _x000D_
by messing around or are instructions needed? How concise are the instructions?_x000D_
b.Can the player make fulï¬lling progress on the puzzle without completely solving it? _x000D_
(For instance, with a Rubik’s Cube, the player can ï¬nish a side without having _x000D_
solved the entire puzzle and still feel a sense of progress. With a riddle or trivia, the _x000D_
player either knows it or does not and cannot make meaningful progress. Again, see _x000D_
Lesson 08)_x000D_
a.Do you think the puzzle will be fun for players to solve? Why or why not?_x000D_
b.Do you think that the puzzle is more challenging enough to be neither trivial nor _x000D_
confounding to an average player? (See Lesson 7)_x000D_
a.How many levels does your puzzle have? (Remember that you must have at least _x000D_
b.Do the puzzle’s levels scale in difï¬culty to keep the player in flow? (See Lessons 7 _x000D_
& 8)_x000D_
7.What makes the puzzle original? (Just that it is done in Perlenspiel isn’t enough!)_x000D_
Perlenspiel Puzzle Assignment_x000D_
Game Design 2_x000D_
Full Sail _x000D_
8.Have you playtested? (I sure hope so!) Describe some of the design changes (not _x000D_
implementation changes, i.e., not bugs) that were caused because of your playtesting. _x000D_
(See Lesson 12)_x000D_
a.Did you include all the parts needed to play this (game.html, game.js, /ps/ (if _x000D_
b.Did you include your name in the zip ï¬le’s name? (I.e.,
c.Did you compress this with zip? (Not RAR, 7Z, TAR, etc.)_x000D_
d.Does your puzzle use the debug box to either give instructions, debug text, or _x000D_
display error messages? Hint: it shouldn’t!_x000D_
e.Are there any errors that would keep us from fairly evaluating your puzzle?_x000D_
Perlenspiel Puzzle Assignment_x000D_
Game Design 2_x000D_
Full Sail _x000D_
Assignment Instructions_x000D_
Now we are going to get serious with Perlenspiel. Your task for this assignment is to create _x000D_
an effective puzzle using Perlenspiel. Use the deï¬nitions we established in the class. _x000D_
Below are the requirements:_x000D_
1.You are to deliver an original puzzle using Perlenspiel. Please submit a single zip ï¬le _x000D_
that contains your game and the worksheet. Do not include any other ï¬les and do not _x000D_
rename game.html and game.js. The puzzle must be original. You are game designers! _x000D_
This is what you want to do! The submission should meet the deï¬nition of a puzzle that _x000D_
we discuss in the class._x000D_
2.You must complete the worksheet attached to this assignment and include it with _x000D_
your zip. It is best to use this worksheet to guide the design of your puzzle._x000D_
3.There are types of puzzles that are inherently not interesting in this context. Riddles _x000D_
and trivia aren’t effective because you either know the answer or you do not; there is _x000D_
no way to work towards a solution. Think of being asked a tough trivia question: what’s _x000D_
the capital of the Seychelles? Without googling, if you don’t know the answer, you are _x000D_
stuck. Now think of a Rubik’s cube. Even if you don’t know the exact algorithm to _x000D_
solve it from the start, you can screw around with it and maybe solve a side getting _x000D_
closer and closer to a solution. You can make fulï¬lling progress. That’s what I’m _x000D_

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