Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – the shape

Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help – the shape

Question – An igloo is built in the shape of a hemisphere, with an inner radius of 1.8 m and walls of compacted
snow that are 0.5 m thick. On the inside of the igloo the surface heat transfer coefficient is 6 W /m 2 ·
K on the outside, under normal wind conditions, it is 15 W/m2 · K. The thermal conductivity of
compacted snow is 0.15 W/m · K. The temperature of the ice cap on which the igloo sits is -20°C and
has the same thermal conductivity as the compacted snow.

(a) Assuming that the occupants’ body heat provides a continuous source of 320 W within the igloo,
calculate the inside air temperature when the outside air temperature is T8 = – 40°C. Be sure to
consider heat losses through the floor of the igloo.
(b) Using …Read More the thermal circuit of part (a), perform a parameter sensitivity analysis to determine which
variables have a significant effect on the inside air temperature. For instance, for very high wind
conditions, the outside convection coefficient could double or even triple. Does it make sense to
construct the igloo with walls half or twice as thick? …Read Less

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