Do my programming assignment with different programming languages

Do my programming assignment with different programming languages

Question – 1. In the orignal Fortran implementation, parameters and procedure-local variables were assigned storage in static memory rather than in dynamically instantiated activation records. What language feature did versions of Fortran prior to Fortran 90 lack that made this organization of memory feasible? 2. What is the different between the control and access links? What language feature is facilitated by the presence of access links? 3. What dynamic, in-memory structure can be used to implement function values that can refer to functions that are nested and can access statically-scoped variables/parameters. 4. C has static scoping and function values (= function pointers). Why does it not need closures and acces …Read Mores links? 5. What language feature cannot be supported if the values for all variables is stored only in stack-allocated activation records but can be supported with by placing activation records in a garbage-collected heap? 6. Consider the following pascal-like program: var a: int; var b: int; var c: int; procedure g(b: int) begin c := a + b end; begin h(g); end; begin i(10); end; begin a := 4;

b := 2; h(f); end. of the activation record, giving the name/type and offset of each) for each of the following programs/procedures: ii. procedure f iii. procedure g iv. procedue h and local variables/procedures. You may assume that no space space is needed for temporaries, spilling registers, or return values. might be used in g to: ii. load the value of b (from procedure g) into register r1 iii. add r0 to r1, putting the result into register r2 iv. store the value in register r2 into the variable c (from program p). return of the call to function g. Show the activation record pointer, the control links, the access links, local variable/procedure storage, and parameter storage. Assume all variables/parameters are stored directly in the activation record rather than in registers. You do not need to show space for temporaries, spill storage, return addresses, or return values. Include closures for function values. 7. Consider the functions sum1 and sum2 [1]: def sum_helper(x:Long, k:Long): Long = { if (k “overflow”}) println(try {sum2(1000)} catch {case e: StackOverflowError => “overflow”}) println(try {sum2(10000)} catch {case e: StackOverflowError => “overflow”}) } } …Read Less

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