[SOLVED] Public Service Announcement

[SOLVED] Public Service Announcement

As part of this Reflection Response assignment, you will be closely exploring a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that you find interesting or that you have gravitated to. Therefore, you
should select a PSA from the Ad Council website (either print ad, TV ad, or online ad) whose
message you are interested in commenting on for this assignment.
You will have to analyze the PSA with a critical eye to form an overall viewpoint/perspective
(i.e. thesis statement) that illuminates your response and reflections to one of the questions on
the list below. Please note that as part of your reflections and response, you are providing your
personal thoughts and feelings about the PSA as part of your evidence. Your evidence can be
reflective in other ways too in that you can include personal stories or personal experiences
that are relevant to the viewpoints that you are expressing about the PSA.
Please use the 1st person point-of-view for this essay.
You should write reflections that illustrate and explain one or more of the following (Be sure to
list plenty of reasons and evidence, which will include your thoughts, feelings, opinions,
personal stories, etc. that speaks to your overall viewpoint):
• Do you think it would resonate with an audience, including you? Why or why not?
• Do you agree or disagree with the message of the PSA? Why or why not?
• What aspects of the PSA were effective or ineffective? Why or why not?
• What is the purpose of it? Why?
• Why was this PSA meaningful to you? Why or why not?
Please be specific in expressing your reflections and include supporting details/evidence that
affirm your reflections such as your thoughts/feelings, opinions, personal experiences, personal
stories, examples from the PSA, info from the PSA, research (optional), and your reasons.
Write as many notes as you can about the PSA that will help you write a good description for
the introduction and good body paragraphs.
• Your paper should be 5-6 pages, and it will need to include a Works Cited page (the
citation should reference the PSA information such as who sponsors the PSA, the title of
the PSA, and the date of the PSA).
• Your introduction should begin with a captivating hook and include a description and a
summary of the PSA i.e. to show the context of it. In addition, it should contain the title
of the PSA, the sponsor’s name, the date it was published.
• Because this is a reflection response essay, you will need to include a thesis statement
that states your overall perspective/viewpoint about the PSA as the last sentence of
the introduction.
• After you have written your introduction, you should write your body paragraphs.
• Your body paragraphs should begin with a reflective topic sentence i.e. the main idea or
controlling idea of the paragraph. This topic sentence should be one of the many
reasons or thoughts/feelings that you have formulated about the PSA and that justifies
your viewpoint or further clarifies your perspective about the PSA.
• The supporting details should come directly after the topic sentence. Make sure that
your topic sentences speak to your thesis statement, and that you include evidence that
further explains to your reader why you formed this viewpoint or perspective about the
PSA. Remember, you should include your thoughts, feelings, personal experiences, or
personal stories, examples, facts, and infor that can serve as a strong foundation to your
paragraph in terms of evidence.
• Conclusion paragraph-reinforces your perspective about the PSA Public Service Announcement

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