PUBH2005 Culture, Diversity and Health Job Application Assessment

PUBH2005 Culture, Diversity and Health Job Application Assessment

Assessment Breakdown:

Please note your job application comes in 2 parts.

The first part is a set of questions that you are to demonstrate your understanding across various areas – please refer to questions 1 to 7 below.


The second part of this assignment requires to you provide an evidenced based response to a scenario from your profession, by answering the question: As a health professional, what would you do and why? This is to be discursive i.e., you can write your response in first person for questions 1, (table for q.3 examples) 7 and 8, but you must use third person for the remaining questions. You are to use evidence in the literature to support your rationale and justification for each response, including how you in your words paraphrase key concepts. You must take a position and answer it, fence sitting is not allowed. The case studies are located in the assessment folder on vUWS.


The case studies were created in collaboration with members of the school of health sciences and social sciences at Western Sydney University.

Position Title:                                                            Cultural Liaison


Reporting to:                                                             Team Leader


Department:                                                              NSW Health Community Programs unit


Location:                                                                   Various


Employment Status:                                                Fixed term contract

Purpose of Position

The NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service uses a cultural competency based framework to provide individualised and group support to individuals in different health contexts to live well, develop their skills and community networks and help achieve their lifestyle goals and choices.


This service supports clients through coordination of care, linking to appropriate support services, direct outreach, and increasing community participation and connections. Support is provided by collaboratively working with clients, their families, personal supports and other key stakeholders at all stages to provide ‘quality of life’ to the client.

The role of a Cultural Liaison is to provide support to clients within the community in accordance with a documented support plan. Cultural Support Workers shall perform these duties in a professional manner in accordance with the relevant legislation and Standards for their profession.


Key Accountabilities


The role of the Cultural Liaison requires a high level of performance in the following key areas:


  1. Operate in accordance with the requirements of relevant legislation and industry standards, and relevant legislation for your registered profession.
  2. Provide flexible and responsive support services to clients in accordance with the goals identified in their support plan
  3. Proactively build and maintain positive and professional therapeutic relationships with clients through collaboration, participation, respect and meeting individual needs
  4. Communicate professionally and effectively with clients, their families and key stakeholders.
  5. Deliver flexible and responsive support, which promotes choice, self-determination, independence and least restrictive practices.
  6. Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity in dealing with clients/carers/ staff from diverse backgrounds.
  7. Identify and assist in locating resources, services and supports and facilitate access to community resources including social, educational, vocational, recreational and leisure activities.
  8. Encourage and support clients to develop and enhance daily living skills.
  9. To liaise with relevant cultural and religious organisations and associations within the local community
  10. Work in partnership with Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Australian service providers and other agencies to assist Indigenous, CALD Australians people living with disability, gender and sexuality diversity to ensure you are enhancing their participation in local communities. This should be demonstrated with diverse examples.
  11. Ensure the service is delivered in a manner which is culturally appropriate, supporting and advocating for Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Australian service providers and other agencies to assist Indigenous, CALD Australians people living with disability, gender and sexuality diversity to ensure you are enhancing their participation in local communities
  12. Maintain and respect client/carer dignity, privacy and confidentiality
  13. Demonstrate courtesy and respect at all times
  14. Report any issues or concerns to the Coordinator
  15. Participate in other duties as directed by the Team Leader

Style, Referencing & Other Requirements:


Please note you are marked one what you do well in and penalties are applied for what you do not address


Acceptable Fonts & Colour:


  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Black font ONLY


Acceptable Spacing:


  • 5
  • Double spacing

Justified text:

  • Justified (google if you do not know what this means)

Reference Requirements:

If you are unsure, please complete RefQuest or speak to the library.

  • Minimum of 16 Scholarly sources these include.
    • Book chapters (e.g., the textbook for this unit)
    • Your professional Guidelines
    • NHMRC Guidelines (Question 3)
    • Campina-Bacote 2002 Reading (Question 3)
    • Peer-reviewed Scholarly sources
    • Government Reports
  • Not accepted references:
    • Websites (including Facebook and other random websites)
    • Lectures
    • Personal blog posts


Written structure.

  • First person may be used in questions 1, 7 and 8 OR if you are referring to an example in the table for Question 3.
  • The use of third person must be used for the remainder of your written response questions 2, 3 ,4 , 5 and, 6.
  • The use of contractions is not accepted.
  • Australian English only.


Please refer to the instructions provided in your tutorials, not in the lectures.




Please note you are encouraged to keep the questions in your assessment. These are not included in your word count.



Key Selection Criteria


The successful applicant needs to address all criteria (these questions are not included in your word count):


  1. What about your profession/discipline, makes you the best candidate for the role of ‘cultural liaison’ within the NSW (insert discipline) Health Service? (approx. 100 – 150 words)


  1. Demonstrate your understanding on how human rights and health intersect to create disproportionate outcomes for diverse people. (approx. 150 – 200 words)


  1. Identify, with practical examples and links to your professional guidelines, how you would support and/or enact the five key constructs of cultural competency and how they align with the four NHMRC levels for the NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service. (approx. 300 – 400 words)


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of your professional guidelines/policy and their relationship to cultural safety. (approx. 250 – 300 words)


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of a barrier and facilitator to culturally safe and competent professional practice for both staff in your profession and health consumers. (approx. 200 – 250 words)


Example – 50 words


Barrier – 100 words

Facilitator – 100 words

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of power relations between practitioner and client. How do power relations influence consent and, how can a health practitioner obtain consent in a culturally safe and appropriate manner. (200-250 words)


  1. Given your disciplinary expertise, understanding of cultural competence and cultural safety demonstrate how your understanding of health theory (e.g., social determinants, human rights, etc.) makes you the best person for this role/position at the NSW [insert your discipline] Health Service? (approx. 150-200 words)




  1. As a (Insert Discipline), what would you do and why? (700-750 words).



  1. References APA Format


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