Final Individual Project: Diversity Analysis of an organization

General Description

The specific task is to prepare a paper that takes the form of a “business proposal.” In this paper you will examine a specific organization. Paper should be approximately 3 pages, maximum of 4 ( A well written 3 page paper can receive an A)

1. Choose an organization for your Diversity analysis.

Brainstorm possible organizations to examine for your final project. Try to use an organization that is transparent in their diversity initiatives, issues…etc. Don’t make it a project to find the information on your organization – I’d rather you spend your time analyzing the information, then trying to find it.  If you can find an organization where you can gain primary information that is the best scenario.  Typically, communication between students and the organizational members is facilitated in an organization in which you have s a connection—either a close friend or relative works there. You may choose an organization that currently has a clear and comprehensive diversity plan in place, or an organization that does not have any diversity policy.

The organization may also be a division of a large national company, a medium-sized company, or even a small company. It is suggested, however, that the company have at least 15 employees. Your approach when examining a larger organization with an established diversity policy is to discover the diversity strengths and weaknesses within that organization and improve their policy through recommendations. Your approach when examining a smaller organization that has few—if any—policies on diversity is to build a long-term plan from the bottom up. 

2. Conduct primary and secondary research.

Primary research, and your own assessment of the situation is helpful when determining the organization’s philosophy and approach to diversity management. In terms of interviews, try to interview people in leadership and supervisory positions, especially any one person in charge of diversity management within the company. (Primary research is not mandatory but will add 3 points to your paper). So, without primary research the highest possible grade is 97%.)

In addition to the primary research that you has gathered (optional), secondary research, either about the organization or the context in general, is also important: Web sites; written policies; mission, vision, and/or value statements; diversity pamphlets or manuals; magazine or newspaper articles; etc. 

      3. Examine the research.

Take sufficient time to examine the findings from both the primary and secondary research . After examining the surveys, consider questions including the following ( just a few examples):

  • Are there any trends in the findings? What is happening overall in the industry? How do they stack up against competitors around diversity management?
  • Are there distinct differences in diverse groups are treated?
  • Do the answers to your research reveal any diversity management strengths and weaknesses within the organization?
  • Using a model from our course – assess the organization using using some of the components. What are your findings?


After any primary research (optional) contemplate questions including the following:

  • Do the organizational leaders view diversity as a competitive advantage?
  • Do the organizational leaders have an inclusive understanding of diversity?
  • Does a disconnect exist between how the organizational leaders view diversity and how other members of the organization view it?

You may want to use components of a systemic model of diversity as a lens to examine the primary and secondary research. Please review Chapter Three of the textbook in which a systemic approach to managing diversity is described in detail. The components of a systemic model of diversity management include: leadership commitment, communication, recruitment and retention, incorporation of diversity into the main work of the organization, ability to link diversity to outcomes, external relationships.

4. Make organizational recommendations.

After examining all of the primary and secondary information, choose either one main problem or various problems on which to focus recommendations. Craft  recommendations in terms of phases (e.g., a four-phase plan to manage one serious diversity problem) or in terms of years (e.g., a five-year plan to manage three main problems). It is important to explain each recommendation in detail. For example, diversity training is one of the recommendations, it must also articulate details about the training—what type of training, material covered, and so forth. Or, if a diversity mentoring program is recommended, it must include details on the design of this program.  


Specifics on Paper


1. Briefly describe the organization that researched.


  • What is the organization’s history/background?
  • How does the organization’s history impact the way it perceives and manages diversity?
  • Who is the CEO? What is her/his background?

2. Articulate your research method.


  • What /Who was your primary source? ( Optional)
  • In terms of primary information, incorporate a discussion of results (Summary is fine). Pie charts and other graphs are effective ways to communicate research results. ( Not mandatory just an option.)
  • In terms of secondary information, reference all Web sites, material from the organization (e.g., annual report, pamphlets), books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, journal articles, and the like. 


3. Explain what type of diversity policy the organization currently has in place.


  • What is the diversity policy?
  • What are the policy’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is diversity managed sporadically or systemically within the organization?
  • If the organization does not have any diversity management policy, discuss the organization’s general strengths and weaknesses in light of diversity’s potential role within the organization.


4. Focus on one or several of the organization’s particular problems in regard to managing diversity.  Also provide any analysis on areas where they are effective in managing diversity.


  • Explicate the problem or problems in detail. Also provide areas where they are doing well.

Make sure to frame it against the course models we have used to show your analysis. For example, after examining the research, you might see problems emerging, such as: lack of effective training, ineffective recruitment efforts, few women in upper management positions, lack of family-friendly policies, no clear understanding of diversity as a competitive advantage, unclear communication about diversity by leadership, or unclear communications about diversity on the company Web site.


5. Explain what type of diversity policies or actions the organization needs to be successful (competitive in the marketplace) when managing diversity.


In the diversity plan, focus on making recommendations for the one, most serious problem; or you  may focus on making recommendations for a number of problems


  • Does the organization need both short-term and long-term diversity management recommendations? Would the organization benefit from both internal (employee-focused) and external (customer- and community-focused) diversity management strategies?
  • Would this organization benefit from a five-year plan in which the diversity plan is implemented slowly over a span of years?
  • If appropriate, delineate the steps that the organization should follow to be successful when managing diversity.
  • There are a number of models of effective diversity management implemented by other organizations; if students want to borrow strategies used by other organizations, all sources must be clearly referenced.
  • You should take time to explain how and why their recommendations would improve the organization’s current situation.

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