Priya English Paper

Priya English Paper

Defining "Human" Setting up a strong major premise As technology crosses the threshold of humanity into the realm of cloning, we find greater pressures on previous definitions of " human" than ever before. What we think is human might be something very different in the future and defining those creations will become crucial. What makes us human? What characteristics are unique to us? The film Blade Runner illustrates a few definitions including the ability to empathize as something uniquely human. The film further demonstrates a "test" designed to support the definition. The test is important because failing it exposes one as something less than human and the result is life threatening. If, by definition, the subject in question is human, they are endowed with "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." If not, they are destined to meet their end like the replicants (or clones) in Blade Runner; they are not killed but instead are retired, like one would retire an old TV. Definitions not only include but exclude so this project is important. Note: While I use Blade Runner to provide context for the assignment, you do not have to mention the film at all. It's not a Blade Runner paper. The Essay: 1. Introduction (the first paragraph of the paper): Contextualize the project. Discuss why "we" are defining humans in the first place-why is it important to society to define humans? THEN answer the question: What ONE characteristic makes us human? i.e. What ONE thing defines us? Your thesis statement is the answer to this question (should be last line of the introduction). Note: Try to steer clear of practical or scientific definitions that might require a simple blood test or qualities that challenge scientific proof such as a soul. Instead, think along the lines of characteristics that can be seen (or apparent in behavior). 2. Body Text: Give reasons why you think the characteristic provided (your thesis) makes us uniquely human. Craft detailed support to bolster your reasons with examples, reasoning, and at least one piece of outside published evidence from a "credible" source (such as a periodical, book, or Internet article). While you do not have to include a works cited page, you will need to introduce and provide some basic bibliographic information (author, publication, date) about your source in the paper (signal phrase is fine). Remember, the body text should aim to prove it's a characteristic only humans have (not animals) instead of proving that humans simply have the characteristic. 2.5 full pages (minimum), 12 pt. font, double spaced 

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