Political Sciences: Review Sheet

Political Sciences: Review Sheet

Revolutions: Final Review Sheet

The Age of Globalization
– What was the significance of the anarchist movement in the world of the 1890’s?
– What did Isabelo think the significance of folklore was to the Philippines?
– What inspired Rizal to write novels about the Philippines?

– What was the significance of the ‘propaganda of the deed’ attacks of this era?
– What did the anarchists of this era believe in? How did they influence other movements?
– In what ways did anti-colonial nationalisms develop within European countries themselves?
– In what ways did the Cuban insurrection inspire the Filipino revolutionaries?
– How and why did Marti’s insurrection pivot from anti-slavery to pro-nationalist?

– What did Rizal and his novels contribute to the revolution? To the Philippines?
– How/why did Montjuich become such a horrific torture prison?
– What directly inspired the assassination of Canovas? How did this relate to the revolutions?
– What did Isabelo learn from his time in Montjuich?
– What were the global effects of this series of uprisings and attacks?

(Second) Mexican Revolution
-What was the nature of the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico before 1910?
– What was the revolutionary plan of Zapatistas? What actions did they take?
– What was the revolutionary plan of the Villistas? What actions did they take?
– What revolutionary actions did uncontrolled campesinos undertake?
– What was the revolutionary plan of the Casa del Obrero Mundial? What actions did they take?

– How did the wealthy U.S. backed elites respond to these revolutionary challenges?
– How was the revolutionary movement appropriated out of the hands of the working classes?
– Why didn’t the urban workers and the rural campesinos form stronger alliances?

– What did the anarchosyndicalist workers’ movement accomplish? What undermined their progress?
– What did the Zapatistas accomplish throughout the countryside? What undermined this shift?
– What were the long-term reforms ultimately enacted by the Obregon government?

Russian Revolution
– How and why did the initial general strike spread throughout Petrograd?
– What made the Cossacks/soldiers so different from the police?
– How did the strike progress into a revolutionary movement? What tactics/actions were taken?

– How did the liberal bourgeoisie seize control of the workers/soldiers’ movement?
– How was the revolution revived against the Provisional Government’s attempt to reform the
imperialist state?
– How was Kornilov’s counter-revolutionary military prevented from suppressing the movement?

– What forms did the revolution take among the rural peasants?
– What forms did the revolution take among the soldiers?
– How was power organized in the new Soviet society?
– What was the role of the Bolshevik party?

Chinese Communist Revolution
– How did the lengthy war with Japan effect Chinese society?
– Why was the old Republican government so unpopular after the war?
– How did the war effect the development of the State?
– How did class consciousness develop throughout society?
– How did the Communists come to power so smoothly after the war?

Algerian Revolution
– How did the FLN ally itself with the broader community’s struggles?
– How do the police and the military attempt to suppress the movement for freedom?
– What tactics were used to effectively advance the cause of the revolution?

– What does Fanon think the relation between capitalism and colonialism is?
– What are Fanon’s views on violence?
– Why/how did the Algerian Revolution have such a big impact outside of Algeria itself (in other
African nations, in France, etc.)?

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