Police Foundations Criminology

Police Foundations Criminology

Police Foundations Criminology (PFP-150)
Major Assignment

Major Assignment: An examination of a Criminal’s upbringing to facilitate the application of criminological theory.

Overview: During this course, we discussed the causes of crime and responses to crime. In this assignment, you will bring together the knowledge from class-based work and academic sources, utilizing research skills to analyze what may have led the case of R. V. Jacobs.

1.   Case citation: R vs MNJ, 2002.
2.   Bibliographical entry: R V M.N.J., 2002, YKYC-15, 2002

Details: This assignment will be comprised of:

A standard academic essay that will critically examine the upbringing of Mr. Jacobs and apply theory to help explain what may have led to him becoming a violent offender

You will be required to use:
Academic quality sources (government statistics and publications, journal articles, books, and appropriate credible newspapers and websites) to examine the case and offer insight into what may have led to this crime occurring.
You must apply 3 criminological theories reviewed in this course to identify the probable causes of the crime committed:
Warning: This paper is about your ability to analyze past experiences and behaviors and apply criminological theory to help explain what may have led to the offences being committed. DO NOT FOCUS ON THE CRIME ITSELF.
Your submission must be 1,500 words (+ or – 50 words) in length minimum not including the title page and references section.

All submissions MUST INCLUDE:

You will be expected to demonstrate and apply critical analysis capabilities. This involves
Reading the case
Researching appropriate applicable criminological theories
Citing articles, publications, journals, and/or books television, radio etc. using APA referencing style
Including a proper APA bibliography supporting your citations

You must use APA in-text citations AND bibliography.  All sources of information that you use MUST be cited in text citations.
All citations MUST have appropriate supporting bibliographical entries in a reference list (bibliography).

Use of WIKIPEDIA, Murderpedia, or any other publicly edited database is not allowed. Any individual reference using this type of sites will count as a missing citation. After 3 missing citations you will receive 0/20 % for the APA portion of your grade.

About Copy and Paste.

The direct and unedited import of information from other sources must be avoided unless it is clearly referenced and cited as a quotation. Failure to do will be regarded as plagiarism. Plagiarism will be treated as a matter of Academic Misconduct, and you will receive a mark of ZERO and face disciplinary action at a program level. You MUST include a complete and accurate reference page at the end of the document. If you are using cut and paste, you are likely committing plagiarism. Pasting content from another source into your document and changing a few words around is still plagiarism.

Deadline: Assignments not approved for late submission will result in a loss of 5 % per day (total 35%) for up to seven days after which a mark of ZERO is assigned.

Request for extensions: If you are unable to submit your assignment on time, for any reason, you must notify the instructor at least 48 hours prior to the due date to discuss the situation. Note. Few requests for extensions are granted. Please review the Humber’s Academic Regulations for acceptable reasons to request an extension.

All papers will be submitted online to the designated BB drop box and will be examined by Safe Assign.

Format for submission: All submissions must be submitted in .docx format only. Any other format will not be graded late penalties will apply until a .docx file is submitted.

No other submission method will be accepted. All papers will be examined by global plagiarism detection software known as Safe Assign.   Students will be allowed unlimited submissions up to the submission deadline. Students that submit before the deadline should review the Safe Assign report and modify any issues prior to the deadline. The professor will only open and grade your last submission.

Checklist for success

Your title page must include
Your name,
student number,
phone number
due date,
submission date,
title of the paper
the professor’s name spelled properly
course name and course code
section number?
word count (excluding title page and bibliography. In-text citations are included in the word count.

Does your introduction meet the standard as discussed in class
Are paragraphs clear, direct, and on point?
Does your paper flow well and is it logical?
Have you cited all non-original content, using credible sources, APA citations and bibliography?
Have you quoted material that needs quotations?
If your quotations take up more the 3- 5% of your total word count you will lose grades. Use minimal quotations.
Have you incorporated appropriate theories into your work?
Do you have a strong conclusion that mirrors your introduction?
Have you hit the word count?
Do you avoid overstating your findings?
Papers are to be written in the 3rd person only. DO not use the word ‘ I ‘.

Did you review your Safe assign report and consider its findings?
To benefit from the safe assign report, you must submit the assignment BEFORE the deadline. Review the report when available and modify your assignment as required.
Teh safe assign report can take up to 24 hours to be returned to you. Plan accordingly.
You may submit your assignment as often as you want. The professor will only open and grade the last submission.
If submitting after the deadline late penalties will apply. Only the last submission will be graded.
Note: A low score on the SafeAssign report does NOT mean your paper does not have plagiarism in it. SafeAssign cannot detect all plagiarism. It is simply a tool to assist you. You are responsible for the content of your paper. The key to avoiding plagiarism is to understand and apply completely in-text APA citation and bibliography. ‘ When in doubt, cite it ‘


If you do not fully understand how to complete APA in-text citations and bibliography you need to learn to do this. Humber offers significant APA learning support including:

Humber Services APA workshops
Book an appointment at the writing Centre (Lakeshore).
The Humber Library has ‘How to’ Videos on the topic.
Humber one on one peer tutoring
Watch the Essay writing overview

Applying APA in-text citations and accompanying bibliography is your responsibility. Get it right the first time. Resubmissions are not accepted. Plagiarism can have significant consequences on your academic and professional aspirations.

Please review the Humber Academic rules for plagiarism and academic dishonesty consequences.

Next Step: Read the case. I have highlighted the most salient parts of the case in yellow.

A word about this case:

NOTE: The case used in this course describes a serious crime (sexual assault and break and enter). It also describes in some detail the childhood trauma of the offender. The case is disturbing. Please take note that if you feel the need for support while completing this assignment, Humber is here for you:

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