Siemens Wind Power Division

Siemens Wind Power Division

In this final assignment, assume that you are working for Siemens Wind Power Division, as a Division HR Business Partner. The Corporate HR department has asked all divisions to assist in a company-wide workforce analysis project with the goal of understanding the supply and demand issues related to filling certain Critical Talent Roles, including recommending if prior historical trends are suitable for predicting future supply and demand needs.
Your analysis and findings will be reviewed by Senior Management and, if approved, will be directly passed along to the Corporate Talent Analytics Department in order for them to begin determining how many recruiting labor-hours will be required to fill current and potential future needs.
Your Department has identified the Wind Turbine Service Technicians, both part time and full time, as a Critical Talent Role. Your manager has asked you to complete a workforce assessment and recommendation for this position.
The project requires examining external supply and demand (using provided web sites, with limited additional research) as well as internal turnover/job movement patterns.
Sources to consider for this assessment
Internal: company website
External supply:, and other personal research
External demand: BLS, and other personal research
Internal: transition matrix and historical interviewing patterns
Analysis of all data in order to make recommendations.
Using these data sources, you are required to recommend steps for the future. This work is divided into three steps: 1) Data gathering for supply, demand and internal mobility patterns, 2) Data analysis (looking at all data sources critically) and 3) Recommendations for the future. This approach will allow the organization to understand this Critical Talent Role from all perspectives.
Step 1: Data gathering
Review the company website to familiarize yourself with the company
Visit O*Net:
Familiarize yourself with this comprehensive site
Search for Wind Turbine Service Technician and familiarize yourself with the position
Identify state wages (near the bottom of the page) and search out Wage information for California, a key location where Siemens Wind Power Division is struggling to hire
View Employment Trends and search out employment predictions for California
Research the position further at BLS or O*Net in order to forecast potential issues in filling this key position. Consider questions such as what other industries hire for this position? Is there likely to be sufficient supply of candidates for future hiring needs? If a gap exists, do you predict that it will be temporary in nature or longer term?
Identify at least two additional sources that can assist you in understanding potential issues or challenges that will arise in terms of either supply or demand for this Critical Talent Role.
View the Transition Probability Matrix for California (below) which highlights the internal workforce at Siemens. The probabilities (shown in bold) are based on annual rates that are averaged over a three-year period. You will need to complete the chart using the preliminary recommendations/number of approved roles for the upcoming fiscal year. See Phillips, BB for an overview of transitional matrixes
Assume that Siemen’s prior workforce analysis for this position, which was conducted three years prior, has predicted the need for 400 FT and 150 PT roles in their California operations
Transition Probability Matrix for:
Full and Part Time Wind Turbine Service Technicians, using prior three year averages

PT=Part time
FT=Full time
WTST = Wind Turbine Service Technician
Job code Grade FT WTST PT WTST Sr WTST Team Leader Exit/ Turnover Employees in current roles
FT WTST 1 50% 10% 15% 5% 20% 400
PT WTST 1 20% 50% 0 0 30% 150
Sr. WTST 3 5% 0 85% 5% 5% 60
Team Lead 5 0 0 0 65% 35% 20

The organization has also gathered data, using the same three-year average to predict how many individuals need to be process at each of the 4-stage hiring process. Please leverage this information for understanding the Full-time and Part-time WTST role
Siemens 3 Year Historical Hiring Profile Analysis: Wind Turbine Service Technician

Internal: Historically 100% of the part-time WTST’s accept the offered promotion to full-time

External: Historical analysis tells them the following:
Stage 1: A pool of candidates are sourced who express interest in a given role
Stage 2: 50% of those that first express interest in the company (Stage 1) make it through the companies first level screen (via an online skills assessment test)
Stage 3: 80% of those who make it through stage 2 go onto an interview and are given an offer
Stage 4: 75% of those who are given the offer accept the role

Step 2: Data analysis
Use the data obtained in Step 1 to analyze the potential future trends for this Critical Talent Role considering all of the data you have gathered thus far related to supply, demand, internal movement and your judgement regarding whether historical trends are suitable for predicting future staffing needs for this Role.

Questions to consider as part of your analysis:
What internal and external factors make this position important to Siemens and the completion of Siemen’s business strategy? Why is the Wind Service Repair Technician a critical job (company perspective?
Should the organization expect a sufficient supply of external talent, or a gap over the next several years? Why or why not? What factors led you to your conclusion? If a gap exists, what demand and supply related challenges will face Siemens as the organization looks to fill this role? (External supply and demand perspective).
What potential gaps may occur as a result of current practices/outcomes, as seen in the transition matrix and the Hiring Analysis? (Internal perspective).
How does your analysis of the internal labor inform your thinking about challenges or issues related to the use of part-time or full-time employees in the future? What challenges or opportunities should senior management be aware of?
Given your analysis related to this specific position, do you believe that historical staffing trends are suitable to use for predicting needs in the next year? Why or why not?
Given your overall analysis, how many applicants should Siemens seek out to ensure they have a sufficient applicant flow to acquire the number of new hires that you have forecasted is necessary using your internal labor market analysis and your supply analysis?
Step 3: Recommendations
Given your analysis, what steps should Siemens take, beyond hiring to fill projected vacant positions, in order to successfully manage this role in the years to come? Please note, your recommendations need to be connected to the research that you have compiled for this assignment. You should include at least one and up to three.
Your Submission
Create and submit an Executive Summary (max 5 pages) to summarize the current and future workforce needs as well as recommendations for solution implementation strategies. When thinking through your summary, consider the following outline:
Background: highlight any relevant strategic and business objectives for workforce needs
Current State:  Siemens Wind Power Division
Current market dynamics for workforce
Feasibility of using historical trends
Current staffing trends (e.g., turnover, retirement, mobility, recruiting)
Internal supply of required skills and role(s)
Any competitive factors or issues for skills/role(s)
Geography (location of need) and timing (seasonality)
Critical vs important role(s)
Future state:
Future demand for skills and role(s) across sectors
Forecasted need/expected headcount requirements for skills/role(s)
Remember talent moves up, down and across
Consider P/T to F/T or F/T to P/T
Consider actual job content, not just classification
Net gap and needs
Opportunities for staffing and recruiting
Programs for Siemens to develop or expand to fill gap
Ensure recommendation is in a context of the business strategy (i.e., does the recommendation support the strategy?)
Your report should summarize the data sources that you obtain for this analysis and not contain cut & paste tables or information from any source. In other words, your report should synthesize the key data in the sources that you have have located. You should feel free to develop and use tables to highlight key data findings, although it is not essential to do so. In addition, you do not need to “prove your work”. Use in-text citations to support your analysis and provide a full reference page at the end of your analysis.
Document should include a maximum of 5 pages, plus a page for reference/citations page
Due date is Saturday at Noon as outlined in Canvas. Siemens Wind Power Division

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