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How to Write an Ideal Essay in Five Parts. – Your Best Priority 24/7

How to write an ideal essay is the most common question students in school enquire about. This is because essay writing is a typical assignment all through high school and college. However, its popularity does not equate to students’ ability to excel in it. That’s why it is necessary to learn how to write an ideal essay. To learn how to write a good essay, you have to understand the essay structure, the essay outline, and how to answer essay questions. Here is how you can write an ideal essay in five easy paragraphs.

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Ideal Essay
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What is in an Ideal Essay?

An ideal essay is a piece of written work that focuses on providing some information to the audience. The purpose of an essay depends on the type. Some can be informative, while others can be persuasive. An informative ideal essay has five parts, i.e. the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

What are the five parts of an Ideal Essay?

The following are essay parts in the correct order.

The introduction

It is the first part of an ideal essay that forms the foundation of your writing. Readers judge your work if it is effective or not by reading the introduction. If you fail to capture the reader’s attention in the introduction, they are likely to lose interest to focus on the rest of the work. The introduction is very vital for any writing. That’s why students are advised to spend sufficient time developing a top-notch introduction.

Moreover, it should be simple, clear, and informative. However, you should not introduce your main ideas here; you should only mention your stand. Factual arguments should be written in body paragraphs.

Parts of an essay introduction.

The introduction is made up of three major parts. They include:

·The hook: it is also referred to as an opening statement. It is meant to grab the reader’s attention. Therefore, it should be creatively written to captivate the audience.

·Supporting sentence: it is also referred to as the essay bridge because it attempts to explain the opening statement to make the topic more relevant for discussion.

·he thesis statement: it is the last sentence in the opening paragraph. It is a sentence that summarizes arguments that will be brought up in the essay. By just reading the thesis, the reader should be able to know what you are discussing in your writing. Consequently, you should write an informative and robust thesis statement.

The first body paragraph

It should contain the most valid and most decisive point of your argument. In ideal essay writing, you do not save the best for the last. The first point should be the most firm one so as it can support the thesis statement. It should be followed by an explanatory statement to enhance the understanding of the reader. You can give examples to make sure the reader thoroughly understands your point. The last statement of your paragraph should be a transition sentence that will pave the way for the next point that will be written in the third paragraph.

The second body paragraph

The second body paragraph should contain your second point that you will write to support your thesis. Your first sentence should be written in a manner that will easily connect with the transition sentence you wrote in the previous paragraph. Explain your argument clearly and compellingly. After exhausting your point, you can write a transition point to pave the way to the next part.

The third body paragraph.

It should include your third point in support of your argument. It is obviously the weakest point since you have already written your strong points in the previous paragraphs. However, this does not mean it should not be explained appropriately.  Write it in a manner that the reader will be convinced on the point you are trying to explain. Do not compensate for what you feel you have not included in the previous paragraphs because it will confuse your audience.

Moreover, you should indicate that this is your final point. Therefore the reader will know not to expect a further explanation. This can easily be done by including a last sentence in the end.

The conclusion

It is the final part of the ideal essay. There are no parts of an essay conclusion similar to those of the introduction. The conclusion simply includes a summary of your work. There are no new points introduced in this paragraph since they will leave the reader in suspense. You can write it by restating your thesis. However, you should not use the exact words you used in the introductory part. The conclusion is as crucial as the introduction since it the last chance you have to impress the reader.

As you finalize the conclusion, ensure your final statement is an accurate sign that you are done with the essay. Besides, you can give the readers something to think about concerning your writing. You can reach us for more assistance on how to write an essay. We have experts who can write all types of essays in the correct format. Contact us today, and we will have a well-written piece for you at a cheap price.

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