Final Argumentative and Research Based Essay for Brave New World

Final Argumentative and Research Based Essay for Brave New World

Final Argumentative and Research Based Essay for Brave New World
1. You must complete research on your chosen topic.
2. You must explain how your term fits into Brave New World. You must include at least 3 quotes or specific examples from the text. Connect these examples from the text to your research.
3. You must also include 3 outside, researched sources. These sources should be directly quoted,
as well as analyzed and connected to your thoughts, opinions and text of Brave New World.
3. Essentially you are synthesizing information from Brave New World (at least 3 quotes) and outside sources (3 separate sources and quotes) to argue your point.
4. This is an argumentative essay, so your thesis should be arguing your point.
3. You must explain how these [your topic] are being used today and what the ramifications are.
Include scientific, factual research.
1. Argumentative Essay should be 4-6 pages, typed, MLA format
2. MLA format means size 12, Times New Roman font, double spaced
3. Be sure to use proper headings and header, and cite your sources properly
4. Include annotated bibliography. You must include at least 3 sources. We will go over annotated bibliographies in class, but you can see further explanation and an example here.
Final Essay- 120 points
Annotated Bibliography- 30 points
Rubric: We will be using the Common Core Argumentative Rubric for Grades 11 and 12. Page 3
of this attached document.
This is an argumentative essay, so you need to come up with an original argument about the topic
that you choose to write about and research. Basically pick the topic and then come up with an
original argument about the topic/prompt that you choose. I have included sub questions with
each prompt that might help you brainstorm ideas, but ultimately you are using the topic to
create your own claim/thesis and you do not NEED to answer each sub question directly or
This is different from an expository essay because you need to first articulate your argument in
your thesis, and then include examples from Brave New World and outside research to support
your unique argument or claim.
● This is an argumentative essay with a research component. This is not a narrative essayyou should be writing from an outside perspective (no I, me, my)
● You will have multiple days in class to work on this, and I will be available to help you!
Please use your class time wisely and ask me any questions that you may have.● Dedicated class periods to work on your essay, research, and annotated bibliography-
11/22, 11/23,11/29,11/30, 12/1 or 12/2, 12/3, 12/6
● These are 7 class periods, including 1 block period. If you are productive in class then I
do not expect this will be a lot of homework/time outside of class. If you finish early then
you can begin working on your socratic seminar for Brave New World or work from
another class.
Prompt Choices:
** You do not need to answer each of these sub questions directly or individually. They are
just things to consider. You are coming up with an argument about the topic that you
choose. In answering the sub questions you might have an easier time finding and
articulating your argument and thesis. **
1. Consumerism
In Brave New World they are taught that “ending is better than mending,” essentially it is better
to throw something away and get a new one. What role does consumerism play in America?
Does modern day society value fixing things or buying new ones? Has this changed over the past
generations- why? How are we persuaded to do things or buy things? To what extent has
consumerism made pawns out of the masses? What are the types of propaganda?
2. Subconscious Persuasion (Subliminal) or Hypnopaedia
In Brave New World, children are taught a series of sleep-teachings, or hypnopaedia. Discuss
experiments in these areas that have already been done and what the results have been. How
could these technologies be used in the future? Is there a moral aspect to subliminal persuasion?
What are the potential benefits or risks to this technology? What other types of brainwashing are
there? How are people brainwashed by the government, propaganda, advertising, etc.? How
does peer pressure and constant surveillance contribute?
3. Elimination of the Family
There are no families in Brave New World. They decided that families caused too much turmoil,
pain, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Ultimately, they decided that they were better off without
families, mothers, fathers, and a household. Were they right? Is modern day society moving away
from the typical family structure of the past? How have steps already been taken in this area
[elimination of family] including areas of morality? How are family units different today than
they were in previous years? How acceptable is it to be from a divorced family or a “broken
family” especially compared to years ago? How common are step parents and step children? Do
families need both a mother and a father? How is this different from previous years? Are
developments and changes in family structure a good or bad thing?
4. Cloning and Biological Technology
Individuality is not valued in Brave New World. Most humans have been cloned through
Bokanovsky’s Process. People who do identify as an individual, such as Bernard Marx and
Helmholtz Watson, have to hide their knowledge, or risk being expelled from society- like the
two men eventually were. How does cloning or biotechnology affect our ideas of a man or awoman as an individual? How far are we in these technologies? What are the dangers of
advancing? Is there a moral obligation for or against cloning? What are the potential risks or
benefits of cloning and advancing biotechnology? Are the risks worth it?
5. Separation of Classes
Brave New World is divided into multiple castes. The Alphas are the highest caste, then the
Betas, followed by the Gammas in the Middle. Next are the Delta’s and at the very bottom are
the Epsilons, who do the lowest level of manual labor and are not intelligent at all. Does
American society divide people? How do they categorize them? What is classism? How are
people kept in the lower class? Is the middle class of America diminishing? Why? What
pressures are put on particular classes and how easy is it to move from one class to another in
6. The Value of Beauty
Linda is described as fat, old, wrinkly, and grotesque. They describe her as a monster. In all
likelihood she was not as awful as the reader imagines, but she is standing next to perfect clones
and models of the Brave New World, which emphasizes her ugliness. How is beauty idolized in
America? Why is it so important to look young? Is it important to be thin and attractive in
American society? What is being done to make people look younger than they are? What age
group struggles with body image the most, and is society constructed in a way that makes them
feel insecure about their appearance?
7. Promiscuity and Dating
“Everyone belongs to everyone else” is a hypnopedic phrase from the novel that means that
everyone has sexual relations with everyone else. There is no possession over people in the form
of girlfriends or husbands. Monogamous relationships are strictly forbidden. Is modern day
society headed in the same direction as Brave New World as it relates to relationships? How is
dating valued in modern day America? How is marriage valued? Is it different now than it was
in previous generations? What has dating apps done to dating culture? How rare are exclusive,
long lasting relationships and are they valued? Should they be valued? Why or why not?
Trigger Warning: The last 3 prompt choices are especially sensitive and may be difficult to
read or consider. You do not need to review these last 3 prompts. If you are struggling or
having a difficult time mentally, then please choose one of the prompts from above.
8. Death by overdose
Linda dies from her soma addiction. She is hospitalized for an overdose and eventually dies in
the hospital. This is particularly difficult for John and he goes on an anti-soma rampage in the
hallway. How is addiction and overdose threatening the lives of people in America? What age
range is most at risk for death by overdose? What can be done to improve addiction and the risk
of overdosing in America? What needs to change in modern day society to help save lives?9. Suicide
The novel has a diffiuclt ending as John dies by suicide after feeling guilt and shame from
participating in the orgy. Are suicide rates increading or decreasing in America? What are some
things that attribute to suicide? What generation struggles with suicide the most? Can anything
be done to help with suicide rates? Is anything being done? Final Argumentative and Research Based Essay for Brave New World
10. Self-harm
John inflicts a lot of pain upon himself in the form of self-harm as he tries to “purify” himself.
He fasts, whips himself, and vomits to try to detoxify his body from the guilt and shame he feels
for Linda’s death, for partaking in sexual relations, and falling into tempatation. What are the
psychological, emotional, and physical ramifications of self-harm? How should self-harm be
treated? Why do people struggle with self-harm? Are the rates of self-harm in America
increasing or decreasing? What is being done and what should be done to improve the rates of
self-harm for people? What age group struggles with this the most, and why? Final Argumentative and Research Based Essay for Brave New World

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