Research Proposal Assignment

Research Proposal Assignment

Research Proposal Assignment

Length: 6–8 pages, excluding attachments
Weight: 20% of your final grade
Date due: Upon completion of Unit 14, Week 17 of the suggested study schedule.
This assignment gives you the opportunity to pull together all the knowledge that you have acquired in
this course. You have to apply relevant information from Units 1 through 14. Many of the review
questions in Units 1 through 14 are designed to help you develop your proposal. You are strongly
encouraged, therefore, to incorporate some of the answers developed from these units into the proposal.
Cut and paste your Literature Review Assignment into your proposal. Include changes suggested by your tutor
when the Literature Review Assignment was graded. If you changed your topic after submitting the Literature
Review Assignment, you must prepare a new literature review.
This assignment is a pilot study, which means that it is a small-scale version of an ideal study. You are,
however, required to demonstrate an understanding of what the ideal study would look like.
Consequently, some of the requirements in the proposal format have the components of an ideal and a
pilot study.
Also, since the assignment is a pilot study, it will not be submitted to the Athabasca University Ethics
Review Board. Your tutor will review the proposal to ensure that all relevant ethical issues have been
addressed. Therefore, you must submit your Research Proposal Assignment to your tutor for ethical
review, and obtain your tutor’s feedback, before you proceed with data collection.
Develop a proposal for a research project using one of the following methods: surveys, experiments,
field research, unobtrusive methods, evaluation research, or mixed methods. Use the format below for
your research proposal.
your research proposal.
Introduction/Research Purpose/Research Question
State the main purpose of the study.
Rephrase the purpose as a research question.
Include a hypothesis for studies that require testing a proposed causal relationship between
variables. State your hypothesis as a null or as an alternative hypothesis. Note: A hypothesis is not
required for qualitative studies.
Conceptualize: define the main concepts in your research question/hypothesis.
Identify the indicators that will be used to measure the variables being studied. Note: Indicators
are not required for qualitative studies.
Literature Review/Theoretical Framework
The purpose of a literature review is to summarize the relevant scholarly knowledge about the proposed
research topic.
Cut and paste your Literature Review Assignment into this section.
Make necessary changes based on tutor feedback.
Context of Study
Provide a brief description of where the study will be conducted. This should include information
about socio-economic, cultural, and geographical factors that influence the environment within
which the study is being conducted.
Study Population
Describe the population from which observations, subjects, or respondents will be selected or
You must address two main issues in this section. First, describe the ideal sampling technique for your
proposal; that is, the technique that you would use if the research were to be an ideal study. Second,
describe the sampling technique for the “pilot” study.
Ideal sampling technique: Identify and describe the ideal sampling technique. Justify your choice
of this technique. For example, why is this technique appropriate for your study? Include the ideal
sample size.
Pilot study: Since this assignment is a pilot study, you are not required to use the ideal sampling
technique. Instead, provide a description of how you plan to recruit your sample for the pilot study.
The sample size for a survey should be between 20 and 25 respondents for the pilot study, and
about 6 participants if you plan to conduct a qualitative interview.
Methods and Data Collection
Indicate the method of data collection for the proposed study. Justify your choice of the method. If
you plan to conduct a survey, justify your choice of the data collection instruments as well.
Additional requirements of this section will depend on the method you plan to use. Here are four
Field research: Describe how observations or data will be collected: indicate the duration of
observation, how the data will be recorded, and the role of the observer.
observation, how the data will be recorded, and the role of the observer.
Experiments: Describe and justify the proposed experimental design. This design will include
a description of the mechanics, including focus on any pretesting and posttesting; a
description of the experimental stimulus and how it will be applied; and a discussion of the
need for and nature of debriefing, if relevant.
Surveys: Describe how the survey will be conducted; specifically, the type of questionnaire to
be used, and the distribution, collection, and monitoring of returns.
Nonreactive research: Which nonreactive method do you plan to use? Describe the method.
Justify your choice of this method. If you plan to analyze existing statistics, select a data set.
Select the variables you plan to extract, and describe the potential problems with using
existing statistics. Provide a link to the data source.
Ethical Issues
Identify some of the relevant ethical issues and how they will be addressed. For example, how will
you protect the participants from harm? or how will you obtain informed consent? Discuss issues
relating to confidentiality and anonymity, etc.
Include any checklist, interview questions, and questionnaires that will be used in the execution of
the study. If the required attachments are not included, the proposal will be given a failing grade.
The proposal must be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with standard 1.25-inch margins on the top,
bottom, left, and right.
The proposal must have a cover page with the title of the assignment, your name, and your student
Use APA style for all in-text citations and references. Visit the Write Site for detailed information
about APA style.
Submit your work using the assignment drop-box link below.
Students who do not follow these guidelines will be penalized.
Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct prohibited by Athabasca University’s regulations, and
these regulations also set out sanctions against offenders. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses the
words or ideas of another person without giving proper credit.
For more information on this important matter, please read Athabasca University’s Student Code of
Conduct , the Write Site’s section on Plagiarism , and AU’s Student Academic Misconduct Policy .
If you have any further questions or concerns about plagiarism, consult with your tutor.
Rubric for the Research Proposal Assignment
Students will be awarded full marks if they address all the requirements in each section of the proposal.
Introduction/Research Purpose/Research Question 20 points
Literature Review/Theoretical Framework 10 points

  
Literature Review/Theoretical Framework 10 points
Context of Study 5 points
Study Population 5 points
Ideal 15 points
Pilot 5 points
Methods and Data Collection 20 points
Ethical Issues 5 points
Attachments 10 points
Format: In-text citation and references, structure and organization 5 points
Total 100 points
Submitting your assignments
Use the Add submission OR Edit submission button below to upload your completed assignment file(s).
Remember to click the Save changes button after uploading files
The maximum upload file size is 10MB
You can upload a maximum of 3 files
Uploaded files will be renamed automatically to comply with AU requirements.
Remember to click the Submit assignment button after you upload your assignment file(s), enter your online
text or record your audio file.
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