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[SOLVED] Assignment 3: Qualitative Research Approaches to Support Nursing Practice

Assignment 3: Qualitative Research Approaches to Support Nursing Practice

When researchers want to seek group interaction, a focus group may be utilized in a qualitative research study. “Focus groups, or groups interviews, are composed of similar participants to encourage interaction among the participants” (Gray & Grove, 2020).These interactions cannot be evaluated in a traditional  one-on-one interview, but in a group setting, researchers have the opportunity to explore perceptions, attitudes, and positioning within a group.

Take for example, a researcher exploring why women report inadequate care from medical professionals versus their male counterparts. A focus group might illicit responses more detailed and complex versus simply in a traditional interview, especially if the women in the group all report a similar experience in their care. In a focus group setting, individuals may be able to find connection in meaning to share an experience that might be missed in a different format.

For this Assignment, explore the use of focus groups in qualitative research. Consider the effectiveness of the method and examine how this approach might lend itself to a mixed method of study.

Reference: Gray, J. R., & Grove, S. K. (2020). Burns and Grove’s the practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence (9th ed.). Elsevier.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week and reflect on the use of focus groups and interviews in qualitative research designs.
  • Select a topic or issue in nursing practice to focus on for this Discussion.
  • Consider which type of qualitative research design, focus groups or interviews, might be most appropriate for the topic or issue in nursing practice and why. How will this type of qualitative research design support the aims of addressing the topic or issue for nursing practice?

The Assignment: (1–2 pages)

  • Describe the topic or issue in nursing practice that you selected and explain why.
  • Explain which qualitative research design approach that you selected to address this topic or issue and describe the method you chose. Be specific.
  • Justify why this qualitative research design approach would be best suited for this topic or issue and explain how this approach will better inform improvements for nursing practice for the topic or issue that you selected. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Explain why it is important for the DNP-prepared nurse to understand qualitative research approaches for nursing practice.

Reminder: The College of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The Sample Paper provided at the Walden Writing Center provides an example of those required elements .


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